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IT Staffing Gurus Plead: Bad Applicants Need Not Apply

Technical recruiting veterans know the process for weeding out bad applicants for their open IT jobs.  Yet, sometimes a bad candidate can slip through cracks, make it to an interview, and completely embarrass the IT staffing firm.  The recruiters of AVID Technical Resources provide some clues to prevent this scenario and spare the feelings of candidates.

The Resume

IT recruiters are used to skimming resumes to find the right applicants for their roles.  If a sloppy resume is filled with poor grammar and typos, it is a red flag that this candidate should not represent IT recruiting companies.  When a contractor keeps a sloppy resume and makes you look for his key skills and experiences, you could take this as a sign that he may not value his accomplishments.


If a candidate seems to be avoiding his technical recruiter like the plague, it is generally not a good sign.  Something is up when a candidate cannot provide answers or is constantly making up excuses to steer clear up his recruiter.  Be straight forward by asking the contractor if he is interviewing for other positions or if he has a potential offer lined up.  The contractor should be honest and open about his actions while providing the IT recruiter the opportunity to open this position to other applicants.


When a contractor seems to be hiding something or avoiding his recruiter, it is better to address the issue than keep up this charade.  IT headhunters know the way to the heart of a hiring manager and can provide insight to their client.  If a candidate is not taking your advice, such as tweaking his resume or showing up to meetings on schedule, it might be time to wipe him as a potential candidate.

Worse than avoiding contact, the candidate could be blowing off interviews or showing up with a messy appearance and poor attitude.  If the contractor has not shown any signs of respect or gratefulness to his recruiter, then chances are he will follow suit with the hiring company.  Save IT staffing companies the trouble and embarrassment by not letting things get to this point!

Technical Recruiters Warn LinkedIn Don’ts: Part II

Last week, the IT recruiters of AVID Technical Resources expressed their opinion on the don’ts of LinkedIn.  If you are a prospective candidate or technical recruiter and remain unconvinced, you may need more reasoning to see the points.   Here are some reality checks to keep both IT headhunters and potential candidates in line on their usage of the professional networking site.

Your Profile Picture

It might be tempting to use that photo of you from five years ago, but if you’re not using current photos, it could be difficult for your IT recruiter or client to identify you when you first meet.  Save family and vacation photos for your desk.  Choose a photo that displays your confidence and professionalism.  If you use an inappropriate photo, technical recruiting firms might weed you out of their prospective candidate pool.

Keep It Objective

Imagine calling a client and running through your introduction spiel, then going to add them on LinkedIn.  As you do so, you realize you have already added them.  This not only shows that you do not manage your account, but it also appears unprofessional and a poor reflection on behalf of IT staffing firms.  Worse, if you are just adding random connections, these people can click the “I don’t know this person” button.  If a certain number of people deem you unknown, you will be booted from the site.

Maintain Your Profile

If you start following competitors or random IT recruiting companies, your LinkedIn account will be filled with clutter and could put you on your company’s radar for questionable activity.  Be mindful of where you choose to link your profile and which IT jobs you follow.  Keep your positions and titles up to date so your profile accurately reflects your current standing.

LinkedIn profiles are excellent resources for IT professionals, so do not abuse this privilege!