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Making Job Interviews Two-Sided in IT

IT consultants and their IT staffing agencies often focus on how to approach interviewers so that IT managers are impressed.  While this strategy makes sense, it’s important for IT contractors to be sure that they are also impressed by the company, job description, and the managerial style they will be managed with.

IT staffing agencies and the candidates they work with will be well-served if they make sure that any interviews serve as a chance for contractors to figure out if they actually want the IT jobs in question.  The first benefit of really conducting a truly two-way interview is that IT recruiting companies and the IT professionals they’re working with make positive, long-lasting matches.  If a candidate winds up in a job they don’t like, or worse, can’t do, nobody really wins.  The second benefit is that positive business contacts are fostered all around.  IT headhunters make great relationships with hiring managers, the candidates they’re working with make good relationships with hiring managers and technical recruiters, and everyone walks away with their network expanded a bit.

Ensuring the job interview process is two-sided, not one-sided, might be intimidating at first.  However, with a robust Information Technology sector, IT professionals shouldn’t be concerned.  This is the perfect market to be picky in, and it’s better to land in a job that fits you well in the long run, anyways.