Are IT Recruiting Agencies Spamming Clients?

In the IT recruiting business, the golden rule is to stay in touch with clients to create reoccurring customers.  Technical recruiters do not want hiring managers or IT contractors to forget about them or think they do not care, so they reach out frequently to check in.  While this is crucial in the IT staffing industry, when does following up evolve into spamming?  Here are some tips to keep in touch without crossing the line.

Be Consistent

When first reaching out to IT consultants, ask when a good time would be to meet and discuss resumes, IT job interviews, or just life.  IT recruiters should let their clients know they wish to reach out on a weekly basis if that is the case so candidates are aware and will expect their call.  At the close of discussions, schedule follow up meetings.

Surprise visits can make a consultant’s day, but it can also be a disaster if it is poor timing.  Try to avoid surprising clients unless the recruiter is certain the client will not be too busy with work to have a conversation. 

Make Personal

When sending emails, do not act as though this is the first interaction with a recipient.  An IT recruiter can try calling clients the next time they are about to respond to a message.  Hearing a voice on the other end brings a closer connection than emails where tone and expression can be lost in translation.

A technical recruiter can make the relationship friendly, while also staying professional.  Remember details about IT consultants and ask about anything exciting in their life.  The recruiter may find something in common that he would not have known otherwise!

Mass mailings may make IT headhunters lives easier, but are often easily recognized.  Try to take a few minutes each week to recognize clients.  They will appreciate the personal touch.

Send Valuable Information

Allow clients to control how much content they are receiving.  If they are subscribed to the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn of IT recruiting firms, they may be receiving the same updates repeatedly.  Try to keep material fresh and irredundant so clients have a reason to subscribe.

If IT staffing agencies are using the same content for social media outlets, they may experience attrition in subscribers.  Also, only send important updates or news so technical recruiting companies are not wasting their client’s time as the message will be deleted.

The point of staying in touch is to not lose contact, do not drive customers away by being overly aggressive!

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