Breaking a Bad Habit in the IT recruiting Industry

Are you an IT recruiter with a bad habit that you just cannot seem to shake?  No one is expected to be perfect, but when your tendencies begin to affect other technical recruiters, it is time to consider a change.  Left unkempt, habits can spill over from your personal life to the IT staffing office which is one of the last places you want hostility.  If you find you need to rid yourself of an annoying tendency, here are some tips to get you on the right track.

Recognizing the Problem

You might be tipping in your chair, snapping your gum, and yelling to other IT recruiters sitting four cubicles over and not see an issue with it, but reassess the situation.  Maybe your scenario is not this bad, but realizing how your behavior is affecting yourself and other IT recruiters Boston is the first step.   Does your habit provide any benefits?  If so, do they outweigh any negative attributes that accompany this tendency?  When the answer is no, it is time for a change.

Resisting the Urge

Your habit could be something as minor as following up on missed phone calls through email.  Some IT headhunters might not have an issue with this while others find it cumbersome and rude.  The next time your technical recruiter leaves you a voicemail, you could be tempted to break out the Blackberry with an email response.  People often avoid situations because they are not comfortable.  The easiest way to fix a problem is not going around it, but tackling it head on.  Make the phone call and eventually you will find the transition you feared was not difficult at all.

Keep Up the Progress

Check up on your bad habits to make sure you are following through with your commitments.  Reward yourself when you have reached a milestone– just do not reward yourself by engaging in the habit.  If you happen to slip up, never punish yourself.  Let your mistake be a guide to not let it happen again.

When you make positive changes, you line yourself up for success.  IT staffing firms can provide excellent feedback if you are looking to avoid taboo situations or improving resume and interview habits.  Visit AVID’s job seeker page for more detail!

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