Staying Too Connected to the World?

No matter where you go, there is always a device that will immediately notify you about what is going on.  Recently, there was a debate over alcohol caffeinated drinks being legal.  My university emailed the students warning them about these drinks and the consequences of not using them properly. After that, our school news wrote a blog about the issues pertaining to Four Loko’s specifically.

If that wasn’t enough, text messages were being sent and class discussions revolved around the topic of whether or not this drink should be illegal.  Within a couple of days Four Loko’s had received so much press whether it was virtual, print, or word of mouth.

It’s the small things like this that make you think about how connected you really are.  If someone really wanted to reach you, there would be so many ways in which they can succeed.  Information technology has not only advanced exponentially, but we as a generation have adapted and embraced it so quickly.

From my days as an intern with an IT recruiting firm Boston, I could see firsthand how critical information technology is to the technical recruiters and IT staffing salespeople.  Seeing how much the IT recruiting agency relied on technology, and how much easier it made their jobs, was certainly eye opening for me.  Therefore, I started thinking more about the pros and cons of advancing technologies.

If you’re a candidate looking for a technical position, you can be notified about a new IT jobs in multiple ways to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity.  IT Staffing agencies also have many mediums in which to inform both clients and prospective candidates about their services.  If you don’t immediately see the posting on the IT recruiting firm’s website, then you can get an email or text sent directly to your phone.

But is there a way to get away from all this connectivity? Not everyone wants to be connected to the world all time.  Should we be able to turn it off? If you look at the younger generation, they have adapted even faster to new technologies and cannot seem to function without it.

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