IT Recruiters Boston Get Around Town

Ask IT recruiting companies that call Boston their home how they get around and you will get a number of answers.  The technical recruiters of AVID Technical Resources weigh in on their choice methods of transportation.  Which do you use?


Those who do not fear traffic, pedestrians, or the inevitable parallel parking in the streets of the city choose to use their own car.  While courting yourself around might seem more convenient, IT recruiters must remember the costs associated with owning a vehicle such as insurance, gas, and routine maintenance as well as the random perks of parking tickets.  To help lessen the burden of owning a car, an IT recruiter should consider joining a car sharing company such as Zipcar. Those who have flexible spending might enjoy the luxury of letting someone else grab the wheel by taking a cab.


The more health conscious or eco-friendly technical recruiter rides their bikes to IT recruiting firms or across the city.  The benefit of owning your bike is that you do not need to worry about fueling or traffic.  You will be reducing your carbon foot print, having fun, and taking care of daily exercise in one punch.  If you are uncertain if you want to invest in a bike, try Hubway bikes which are conveniently located throughout the city.  Always review terms and conditions as well as prices when considering your choice.

Public Transportation

If you do not mind crowds and a few delays, the MBTA is the most convenient way for technical recruiting companies to get around town.  The MBTA runs boats, busses, and trains to accommodate Bostonians at affordable prices.  Taking opportunity of these rides is not only good on your wallet, but it also helps the environment and reduces traffic, too.  There are private companies that even offer services to distant towns, cities, and other states.


Sometimes walking is the best solution for IT staffing firms, especially with there are one way streets and parking issues.  The best things about walking are it is a form of exercise and easy for almost anyone.  Next time you have an IT job interview, check to see if it is in walking distance so you can enjoy the weather and beat the traffic.

Boston may seem like a tricky city to get around if you are tourist or new, but once you get the hang of it explore the history and have some fun.

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