IT Recruiting Companies Debate: K Cups or Ground Coffee


Are you brewing for the entire IT staffing office or just yourself?  If you are brewing coffee at smaller quantities, you will want to go with the Keurig.  The K cup machine provides the option to brew one cup without holding up the coffee machine for other technical recruiters.  Coffee drip machines are made to brew larger cups of coffee which can lead to waste if it is not consumed.  If IT professionals and hiring managers are looking to make a big brew at once, look to the coffee drip machine to satisfy your needs.


This is up for debate and varies by coffee drinker.  Some say that ground coffee is superior to K cup coffee because of its storage capacity where as K cups can become stale relatively fast.  Then there are the countless options when using K cups and its variety of flavors.  An IT recruiter can purchase a variety pack which allows them to experriment with different flavors and choose which they like best.  Typically with ground coffee, a technical recruiter must by a bag and test their options.


Brewing a cup of coffee by drip machine seems to be outdated and time consuming as our society expects less and less in terms of time commitment.  IT staffing companies want everything fast and immediately available with as little work as possible.  The Keurig machine offers a single cup of coffee in about one minute and little to no clean up.  Drip machines can take several minutes to brew and requires routine maintenance and clean up.

Environmental and Cost Concerns

The average price per standard K cup is about fifty cents, which can be costly where as standard coffee ground is about half the price per cup.  K cup packaging is non-recyclable, but you can purchase a reusable filter to cut down on waste.  The benefit of using the reusable filter is you can cut down on spending by buying coffee grounds, too!

Neither is necessarily better, but it seems the IT recruiters of AVID Technical Resources could not function without their K cup machine!

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