IT Recruiting: Persistent or Overly Aggressive… Back Off

Chances are you have heard it is good to follow up with hiring managers after IT job interviews.  Sometimes, this is not the case if you are working with an IT recruiter.  When IT contractors choose to work with technical recruiting companies, they develop their relationship with client companies through IT staffing firms.  Before you sit down to type out a thank you email to the hiring manager, consult your technical recruiter and read on for more tips.

Let IT Recruitersdo their job!

The gift of IT headhunters is they do some of the hard work for you.  Trust that they will in fact follow up with hiring managers for a prompt response and relay that information to you in a timely manner.  Remind yourself that IT recruiting companies would not be in business if they were not determined to land their IT consultants positions.  Instead of trying to nix the middle man, sit back and let technical recruiters take the reins.

Desperation is a turn off

A phone call with the recruiter along with a thank you to the hiring manager is necessary.  In the thank you, ask your recruiter when to expect feedback or a decision timeframe.  If you follow up more than the suggested time frame, you will be pestering your recruiter, which may lead him to believe you are impatient rather than persistent.  It is unlikely that he would forget to provide feedback, so he most likely has not heard back yet.  Also, by keeping to yourself you will be able to focus on other upcoming interviews and IT job opportunities.

Did the interview go well?

If you are sitting by the phone waiting for feedback, try to reflect on how the interview went and how badly you want this role.  If this position did not fit your interests or skill level, then you can relax during the wait period.  For IT jobs that meet your qualifications, calling in to check with your recruiter once is acceptable, but avoid going overboard with emails, texts, and phone calls.

If your recruiter gave you a specific time frame and has not responded to you in a timely manner or provided feedback, reach out to them.  They may be busy, but it is no excuse to not respect your agreement and keep you hanging.

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