Sending Cover Letters Electronically

Selling yourself is critical when searching for a job.  As we have stressed, it’s important to sell yourself in an interview.  However, to get that IT job interview, you must first sell yourself in your resume.  However, before you send that resume, you actually have a chance to sell yourself in a cover letter.  This is your chance as an IT professional to give personality to your resume.

Since most resumes are now sent electronically, when an IT manager receives your email, the first item they will see is the subject line.  This is one advantage of sending your professional documents through the Internet.  Use this subject line to catch the attention of the hiring manager or IT recruiter.  Describe yourself in a few words and the position you are applying for.

A couple tips:  Always try finding the hiring managers name (then make sure you spell it correctly).  You do not want to be sending a cover letter to “Whom it may concern”.  If you cannot find a name then you can send it to Human Resources.

In terms of the length you do not want to keep those managers or IT recruiters reading a lengthy document about how you would be a perfect fit for the IT job.  Technical recruiters and information technology professionals are busy people who will likely not have the time or patience to read through a full page.  So take a good look at your experiences and why this position would be good for you.  As an IT professional you have to make sure that you sell your technical skills within the first paragraph.  Give those IT hiring managers and/or technical recruiters a brief overview that will keep them wanting to read more about you.

As always remember that the resume you send to IT recruiting companies must include the keywords referenced in the job description.  This will allow human resources or even some lesser-technical IT recruiters the ability to see that you have the information technology skills that their position requires.

Consider these tips before sending your next cover letter.   These come from IT recruiters Boston who spend countless hours every day reading resumes and cover letters.

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