Sloppy IT Recruiters

Technical recruiters know that like apples, it takes one bad IT recruiter to spoil the bunch.  Recruiters are often viewed as money driven IT headhunters who care more about their commissions than the well being of their clients.  To maintain your ground as an honest recruiter, avoid these sloppy and often dishonest recruiting tactics.

The Bait and Switch

IT recruiting companies send an email saying you are an ideal fit for recruiters’ open positions.  You head to a IT recruiting agency expecting an interview when the recruiter sits you down and asks you all your employment history and skills, which are on your resume.  You soon realize there is no open position and the technical recruiting company is just looking to populate their database with clients.

There might be open positions, but the one initially offered is not mentioned.  The suggested roles are more entry level IT jobs that slightly relate to your skills.  The sloppy technical recruiter tries to talk up the jobs and make reaches in terms of relating your experience to the tasks and responsibilities to their open positions.  When you decline, the recruiter pushes you to make a commitment where you do not feel comfortable.


Once technical recruiting companies establish a commitment with candidates, they should follow up throughout the duration of their contract.  Recruiters who seem to drop off the face of the earth post interviewing pose signs of a potentially weak relationship and could worry clients or hiring managers about the stability of their positions.


Recruiters have the advantage that they can spend more time discussing the skills of IT contractors and experience than a hiring manager can learn in one just one interview.  When you talk to a contractor, try to establish a rapport so you can both feel comfortable with one another.  When you send emails, make it personal rather than sending a mass mail.  If you must send a mass mail, always check to make sure email addresses are hidden from other recipients.

Not all IT recruiting agencies behave the same so obviously their performances differ.  Those that treat their clients as people and not inventory will see better results and reviews.  You will also be happier with your day to day tasks as well!

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