Why you should wait to purchase that 3-D TV

There have been a lot of commercials and talk about the new line of 3-D TV’s that companies have come out with.  IT professionals have put a ton of research and work into creating these high tech televisions for consumers, but are they worth splurging for yet? Sony 3-D TV will cost you around $2,000, and that’s one of the smaller TV’s.

Just thinking about these TV’s is going to put a hole in your wallet.  But then they there are more surprises.  In order to view the images in 3-D you will need to purchase the glasses, a 3-D receptor that connects with the glasses, and a blu-ray player that will play the movies.  The HDTV’s will not be able to work with the glasses and player so you will have to upgrade.  How many people will actually put on glasses to watch TV?  I asked a number of the IT recruiters Boston in our IT staffing company and not one person said they would wear them consistently.

With these new TV’s you will be able to watch your shows and movies in 2-D as well or convert them to 3-D with the television.  The quality of course will not as good, but you can do it.  This also means that your shows may start coming out in 3-D as well if these TV’s last long enough.

The biggest problem with these televisions is the fact that the glasses are not interchangeable between brands.  It’s similar to the battle we had a few years ago between blu-ray and HD movies.  You had to either buy an overpriced blu-ray or HD player and were then not able to play either movie within the system.

In the end, these ridiculous prices will go down.  So those of you who love watching 3-D movies, don’t fret, you can still use those 3-D glasses for now and wait until there is a standardized 3-D system.  There’s no use in spending so much when the concept is so new.

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