10 Job Search Suggestions From An IT Recruiter

Searching for a new job can be an anxious period of time, especially when you currently don’t have a job.  During the search process, you’ll experience a number of emotions – all of them very natural as the process can leave you feeling vulnerable.   There are a number of things that you can do to improve your chances of landing that perfect IT job, such as preparing a strong resume and utilizing IT recruiting companies.  However, in my 12+ years as a seasoned IT recruiting industry veteran, my biggest piece of advice is simple:  Grab the bull by the horns!

More specifically, approach the job search as aggressively as possible.  Be relentless and determined;  give the search process everything you have.

Having said this, I understand that this is very vague advice.  Furthermore, being aggressive and determined won’t get you anywhere if you don’t know where to channel that energy.  Therefore, I’ve created a list of action items.  Take it from an IT recruiter who has placed over a thousand high-tech professionals, if you follow this list of 10 job search suggestions with the steadfast determination described above, you’ll ultimately find that next IT job opportunity.

1)  Create The Perfect Resume: First, see my blog posting, How to Write the Perfect Resume.  Put together a masterpiece as it could make the difference with whether you land that ever-important job interview.  Remember that IT recruiters or hiring managers may be looking at dozens, sometimes hundreds of resumes.  If your CV doesn’t read well or isn’t put together properly, it may cost you that opportunity of a lifetime.  Furthermore, include as many technologies (that you confidentally know well) as possible to ensure your resume comes up in an IT recruiters search.

Hint:  Avoid Cover Letters (see blog posting:  Cover Letters – Not Worth Your Time).

2)  Post Your Resume: IT recruiters live on job boards.  Therefore, if you want to be found, obviously make sure your listed.  Don’t just rely upon Monster.  Utilize all of the IT job boards on the market – regardless of how known or unknown.

3)  Refresh it Your Resume: Simply put, unfortunately some IT recruiters can be lazy (except for the IT recruiters at AVID of course).  Therefore, they may not search back months, upwards of a year, for all resumes on the IT job boards.  Keep your information at the top of the list by refreshing your resume at least once a week (refreshing it daily is overkill).

4) Contact as many IT Recruiting Companies as possible: Because different IT recruiting agencies work with different clients, it’s important that you send your resumes to as many IT staffing companies as possible.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  For more advice, visit:  10 Great Tips for Working with an AVID Technical Resources IT Recruiter

5)  Meet with as many IT Recruiters as possible: It’s critical to build relationships with IT recruiters.  The average IT recruiter will speak with over 100 prospective candidates in a week.  They will likely meet around 5 to 10.  Therefore, to ensure you’re on the top of the IT recruiters list, to make sure they think of you first when they receive that IT job, you have to first build a strong relationship so they will remember you.  As good as some IT recruiters are, it’s virtually impossible to remember every prospective candidate that they have spoken with.  See my previous blog entry:  Why Meet with an AVID IT Recruiter?

6)  Follow up!!: Just submitting a resume is not enough.  Take my advice and follow up.  Ask whether the IT recruiter has received your resume and whether you can set up a time to talk further about your experience (or even better, meet in person).  If you go out of your way to follow up with every resume submittal, you will uncover an opportunity that you may likely not have received otherwise.

7)  Utilize Indeed: is an excellent resource for prospective candidates.  Set up search agents that match your skills, background or even that ideal next IT job.   Create daily email alerts so you literally receive current jobs in your inbox.  Work with an IT recruiter at AVID and send him or her some of the postings to see if they have contacts or relationships that will help you get an interview.

8) Utilize Linkedin: Linkedin is one of the most helpful sites on the internet when it comes to searching for a new job.  It allows you to uncover important contact names in an IT staffing company or IT recruiting agency or even within the direct client themselves.  This allows you a chance to contact the IT recruiter or hiring manager directly.  Linkedin also gives you the ability to create your own network, thus ultimately get referred to a new position through someone you know.

9) Remember to remain Aggressive: After you complete steps 1-7, don’t stop.  If you haven’t seen any positive results yet, don’t give up.  Continue to network with IT recruiters, continue to follow up with IT recruiting companies, continue to remain aggressive.

10)  Network, Network, Network: I mentioned it above, but it’s worth repeating.  Networking is one of the most critical components to finding new opportunities.  Utilize networking websites (such as Linkedin or social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter), join networking groups and quite simply just spread the word that you’re looking for a new IT job opportunity.  The more people that know you, the better your odds of hearing about your next career stop.

So go out and grab the bull by the horns and remain aggressive in your job search!  An IT recruiter at AVID Techncial Resources will be waiting for your call:  617-951-1880.

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