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Protect Passwords at IT Recruiting Companies

The computer prompts an IT recruiter to change his password after thirty days, but he uses the same password for all logins out of convenience.  Annoyed, the technical recruiter looks to his desk for support and spots his stapler.  No one will ever guess stapler as his password.  The IT headhunter assumes he is safe, but is he really?

First Mistake- Overused

A common first mistake of IT recruiters is using the same password for all logins because once it is cracked they are vulnerable to any attack.  It might be tedious to remember multiple passwords, but if technical recruiters are ever hacked they will be thankful later.  Also, be sure to update passwords regularly to avoid any potential threats.

Second Mistake- Simplicity

Often IT staffing agencies choose passwords that are simple or may feel they are clever by adding a one digit number.  Hackers can create programs that run through all the words in the dictionary regardless of language, eventually adding numbers to create a match.  An obscure word or object to IT recruiting firms may have no meaning, but it may also cost them their privacy.  Try purposely misspelling words or substitute characters for a’s and E’s with @ and 3.

Third Mistake- Length

Stapler is only six characters long.  Add length and use characters to passwords by creating an acronym or abbreviation out of a sentence, such as I have a stapler becomes 1_h_@_sT@pl3R!.  If uncertain of how strong the password is, check its strength using Microsoft’s password checker.

Most Important- Keep It Private

Never share passwords.  It might be easy to share passwords with friends, family, and coworkers, but avoid doing so.  If IT headhunters must share their password, immediately change it after.  They might feel paranoid or overly obsessive, but they will not let a security breech slip through the cracks.  Recruiters can trust their friends, but what if their friends’ information is hacked?  The recruiters may be next.

Unfortunately, there is no direct approach to combat hackers from desktops, but thankfully there are ways to put a stop to their harm by protecting ourselves!

IT Recruiting Firms Nix Monday Morning Blues

Good bye, weekend.  Hello, Monday morning.  If you are like most IT recruiters, you dread the inevitable return to work after a relaxing, or perhaps chaotic, break from IT staffing agencies.  How can you avoid the pangs or lessen the anxiety of an impending five day work week?  Read on for some tips to ease the transition from weekend to the start of a new week.

Finish Tasks on Friday

Come Friday afternoon, most technical recruiters are in a more casual, relaxed mood.  They may put off projects or wait to call prospective candidates until Monday.  Do not let this be you.  By tiding up your to-do list on Friday and staying organized, you can leave more desirable tasks for Monday morning.  Also, by procrastinating you are leaving yourself vulnerable to falling behind if other projects or open IT jobs arise.  Leave IT staffing companies feeling accomplished rather than apathetic.  You may find you enjoy your weekend even more!

Find Out What You Dread Most

Pinpoint what you are dreading most about your Mondays.  If it is a routine cumbersome project, break it up into sections and try to get a head start on Friday down time.  When you have to meet with IT staffing peers first thing, ask to move the meeting to a later time if possible.  You might be the source of your angst if you are repeatedly hitting the snooze button.  Instead, prepare the night before so you have time to sleep in or go to bed earlier on Sunday night.

Plan Something Fun

If you are still feeling the Monday morning slump at technical recruiting companies, turn Mondays into something to look forward to.  Treat yourself to an overly caffeinated and sugary coffee if that is your niche or splurge on a breakfast sandwich.  Schedule a lunch meeting with your favorite hiring managers or IT contractors.  After work, make plans with friends or take some personal time to recoup.

Avoid cramming all your non-work related tasks into the weekend by spreading them out during the week, leaving the weekend more enjoyable and less rushed.  You will return to the office feeling refreshed rather than overwhelmed!

IT Recruiting: New Year’s Resolution

Another year has passed and the time to reflect upon feats and impending change is looming.  Before technical recruiting companies are too hard on themselves, remember accomplishments and how IT headhunters achieved these goals.  Think of how an AVID Technical Resources recruiter felt after they were successful and the rigorous process to accept and meet these challenges.  New Year’s is the opportunity to make changes in areas of weakness and seek room for improvement at IT recruiting firms.

Set Goals

Most people do not follow through on their New Year’s resolution because they set unrealistic goals.  Rather than choosing a goal an IT recruiter feels should be accomplished, they can choose to tackle a problem they want and can solve.  The headhunters will be better motivated to partake in the process if they truly desire the end result.  Also, neither candidates or technical recruiters should not set themselves up for failure by creating impracticable expectations.


In order to achieve challenges, a plan must be devised.  IT recruiters can try new approaches and should not be afraid to ask for help.  Instead of trying to tackle a large target, start with smaller steps and, as the recruiter progresses, he can create new goals.  Be open and ready for challenges along the way and maintain a focus to stay committed during both good and bad times.  The small problems will prepare a recruiter for larger ones as they arise and the accomplishments will motivate him to achieve consistently.

Take Personal Time

IT staffing firms may have workaholics and that is where they need to improve.  Consider taking time to put work aside and enjoy personal time with friends, family, or, simply, by themselves.  Find balance and reduce stress levels by leaving work in the IT staffing office and focusing on personal needs.  Recruiters may find they are more relaxed and actually perform better on the clock.

One should not feel pressured to devise a New Year’s resolution considering they have all year to make a change, but it is never too late to start!