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Referral Job Leads

AVID technical recruiters employ a variety of techniques to generate leads for qualified IT candidates to contact for open positions. As a specialized IT Staffing agency, AVID looks for a range of skills in prospective candidates that is more focused & less broad than a standard staffing firm that places positions across every industry. AVID Companies tend to prefer internal referrals for candidates when trying to place open positions because there’s a higher chance that they’ll be a good fit if hired. While the referral process often comes to play for companies placing permanent positions, candidates seeking contracting work and recruiters working with them might be well served by taking note of this trend. With contract projects generally at shorter durations than the amount of time employees spend in permanent positions before changing companies, contract employees have a greater potential for a referral list of candidates with more flexibility to start projects on short notice than permanent employees can afford.

Contract candidates who keep a mental list of candidates for referral purposes to provide to recruiters they work with, and check in with recruiters regularly to update them on fellow industry professionals seeking work can use the referral system to their advantage just as perm employees do. By keeping in mind other industry professionals seeking work, candidates can refer contacts to recruiters, and potentially enjoy the benefit of having a friend for a coworker. Perks on the side for the referring candidate can include a small monetary compensation for referrals that winds up placed, depending on the policies of the staffing firm. Contract candidates will likely have more business contacts with other contractors than employees who have spent the majority or all of their careers in perm positions, so for each new contractor a contracted employee refers a potential new network of referrals has been added to the recruiting rep’s base of resources.

The bonus for recruiters is a happy candidate placed in a company that’s a good fit for the duration of the contract. Contractors and recruiters can keep the concept of referrals in mind, and leverage their networking bases for better matches for both sides of the staffing equation.

The Mobile Job Search

The increasing sophistication of cloud computing and smartphone application suggest inevitable changes to come in the job-seeking landscape. With major job board websites like Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed and Craigslist offering phone application versions of their sites, it’s a matter of time before job hunters adapt their search techniques to the advantages provided by advancing technology.

One of the most powerful ways phone apps can impact a job search is portability.

Technical Recruiting Goes Mobile

With mobile job searching apps, the job-seeking landscape is poised to evolve. Candidates who store their resume on their phones can check out and apply to new jobs in their chosen industries while riding the T to a resume workshop, or an interview.

Gauging the Job Search Pace

The most obvious potential impact of mobile job searching is a shorter job search through a more efficient use of time. Mobile apps allow candidates better flexibility in maintaining relationships with recruiters as well. A candidate seeking an IT position could contact a recruiter by email via an online job posting and receive a reply while grabbing coffee. The candidate could stay in touch through Linkedin, and follow up with the recruiter a week later over the phone using contact information on the recruiter’s Linkedin profile. Mobile networking is about portability and adaptability – a job search that keeps pace with a candidate’s schedule. Mobile job searches could lead to higher placement rates for recruiters and quicker interview requests and offers for candidates. As candidate familiarity with mobile job-searching grows, additional benefits may materialize that recruiters can use to their advantage.

Here at AVID, where technical recruiters place IT candidates, listings on Linkedin and Monster are part of our recruiting approach. Adapting to the mobile job search is an important part of our recruiting strategy.

Company Branding at AVID Technical Recruiting Firm

In the marketing and social media world today, plenty of buzz surrounds the concept of branding. Big brands like Apple, Chanel, or Disney instantly bring an identifiable image to mind, but the strategy behind the image is less obvious. For a brand to pop in the minds of consumers, there needs to be a clear projection of what the brand represents. A brand has to be associated with a narrow range of ideas in order to maintain conceptual consistency when translated to a broad range of observers.

AVID Technical Resources offers a straightforward branding approach by expressing the company mission via an acronym.  The company slogan is Applications. Voice. Internet . Data. These four terms summarize main areas of tech that AVID recruiters specialize in placing candidates in, on a contract or permanent basis. Professionals with experience in Application Development in all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle can depend on AVID as a viable resource in a job search. The message is clear: calling Applications expertise.

The same principle applies to the remaining 3 parts of the AVID slogan. Voice refers to AVID’s IT Recruiting ability to place Telecommunications professionals with backgrounds in Wireline, Cable Broadband & Wireless. The Internet side can range from PC Technician opportunities, Support, Network Security, and more. Lastly, the data piece allows candidates with skills in integration and network infrastructure to work with AVID to do what they do best!

Put the terms in the AVID acronym together to get a picture of what types of IT jobs our technical recruiters are best positioned to assist with, and don’t forget the word formed by the acronym for a key part of the AVID culture. The AVID team is avid about their profession, and about matching qualified professionals up with great opportunities, which translates to a great experience for everyone. Know what the AVID brand stands for, and let our mission work to your advantage.