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Progress Emails in IT: Powerful Tools for Remote Employees

Because information technology allows for it, IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA are seeing more and more IT jobs that require IT contractors to work remotely.  This means that IT headhunters are placing IT consultants in jobs where they must figure out how to communicate in very efficient, cheap ways with their IT managers despite the distance between them.  Technical recruiters tend to suggest that progress emails are the best tools IT professionals can use to prove they’re living up to the potential of their resumes.  If an IT contractor sends an email at the end of every week briefly listing what they’ve accomplished, they will quickly ingratiate themselves with their bosses and their IT staffing agencies.  Performing well and making sure their bosses know about it makes any IT professional very desirable to IT recruiters.


Salaries Won’t Remain Secret for Long in IT

IT recruiters, IT consultants, and IT managers may soon know all about each other’s salaries. Information technology is particularly full of millennial IT professionals who have few qualms about sharing personal information, including how much they get paid for their IT jobs.  In a culture built around sharing everything online, from resumes to vacation photos, IT staffing firms are noticing that IT contractors are becoming more and more likely to share their salaries with co-workers.  While there are plenty of pros and cons to this trend, it’s not really one that IT headhunters or anybody else should waste time debating.  Soon enough, particularly in IT, IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA are likely to see that salaries are no longer secret.  What is actually far more important than debating the merits of the trend is for IT recruiting agencies and the clients they staff for to prepare for salary openness as a new reality.


Waking Up Early: The Key to Success in IT

What’s one easy change that IT recruiters, IT managers, and IT consultants can make to boost their success in their IT jobs?  IT professionals can simply wake up earlier in the morning to achieve more.  Amongst high earning people in the information technology field, including IT headhunters and IT contractors, waking up early in the morning is a common success factor.  Why would IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA see this factor so often among successful people?  It’s because the practice goes beyond the skills simply listed on resumes.  IT staffing agencies notice that those who wake up early are getting to work earlier and getting a head start on the competition.  Being a go-getter is the best way to ingratiate oneself with a boss and IT recruiting companies, no matter what your area of IT or your skill-set.