Arguing in an IT Recruiting Office

As an IT recruiting professional, you have to be able to build and sustain relationships no matter what the situation is.  However, there will come a time when you and other technical recruiters in your IT staffing office will disagree, but you have to know how to handle the situation.

If and when you get into a heated conversation, make sure to remain polite and professional.  You’ll lose credibility in the office for flying off the handle or saying something disrespectful. Throughout the conversation, remember to remain on topic.  This will help your argument, as you won’t be switching constantly between topics.

Being able to argue on a professional level will show  other technical recruiters that you are able to handle disagreements fairly.  If it starts to look like others are starting to bicker too much, try to get everyone back to the main argument and move them away from the direction they were moving into.

Regardless, of what the argument is about, know when a break is a necessary for everyone to cool down.  If you don’t get the result you wanted, do not sulk.  Just make peace with the decision and move on.  You can’t always win every battle in the IT staffing industry.

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