Common Mistakes in the IT Recruiting Industry

You may be a technical recruiter or you may be seeking IT jobs.  Wherever you stand, if you feel like you are pitching without reeling in any buyers, it’s time to reevaluate your strategy.  Take a step back and focus on what is working and pinpoint your weaknesses.  Here are some common mistakes in the IT staffing world:

The Sloppy Grammar and Poor Spelling Candidate

Coming across a resume that is filled with grammatical errors and typos is an eye sore for IT recruiters.  Typically, technical recruiters will toss your resume aside and find someone who knows how to communicate their skills in writing.  Clean up your resume so your experiences, skills, and achievements are clear.

Flip Side: The Sloppy Grammar and Poor Spelling Candidate

            Most candidates will not trust an IT staffing representative that sends emails with typos and grammatical errors.  Job seekers may see this as a sign that the staffers do not take their work seriously… and IT recruiters work is finding the right person for a position which directly involves the job seekers!

The Vague or Convoluted Candidate

If an IT job seeker lacks communication skills, he cannot properly explain his skills, experiences, and how they pertain to the position.  At the same time, do not downplay or fail to mention experience and skills as these are key components that sift candidates from the applicant pool.  Keep it concise, but with the right amount of information.

Flip Side: The Vague or Convoluted IT Recruiter

Just as the candidate should be clear with his resume, IT staffing firms should properly articulate the skills, tasks, and qualifications of each role they are filling.  A candidate might feel the IT headhunter  is being condescending in his tone or choice of words.  At the same time, the IT staffing representative should avoid being too laid back, using slang or being overly wordy.  Choosing simplicity with an upbeat attitude and enough detail is best for both parties.

Coming on too Strong

Having a candidate that wants to be your best buddy when you are a technical recruiter is flattering…until it starts to affect your work.  Your IT staffing representative is there to provide assistance and answer any questions you might have.  Building a relationship with your recruiter is essential to fulfilling your needs, but try to keep it on a friendly, yet professional level.

Flip Side: Coming on too Strong—IT Recruiter

When your inbox and voice mail are cluttered with messages from your recruiter about open positions, it can become overwhelming and an annoyance—especially when you are not qualified for these openings.  If your recruiter is coming on too strong or pressuring you into positions that do not fit your skill level or interests, it’s time to be honest.  Tell them what you specifically want and if they do not follow your wishes, it might be time to move on with another IT recruiting agency.

The Disappearing Candidate

When your recruiter contacts you, be sure to provide a prompt response.  Never leave questions open or ignore your recruiter, even if you are not interested in the position or have possibly found employment. Provide updates and express your opinion so they do not waste their time and annoy you in the process.  Also, make sure it’s a two sided relationship.

Flip Side: The Disappearing IT Recruiter

            Imagine the frustration and disappointment when an IT staffing representative contacts you about a position you are interested in, builds up anticipation, and then never contacts you again.  This is one of the reasons recruiting gets a bad rep.  Always keep in touch with your candidates.  If an upcoming position has budget constraints or is canceled, inform your clients and keep them in mind for other positions.  Return phone calls and all messages, never leave a candidate in the dark!

For more tips on working with recruiters, visit AVID’s Working with a Technical Recruiter page!

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