Fake It Till You Make It—Poor Advice?

A component of setting goals is having the confidence to achieve them.  A number of people rely on the old saying “fake it till you make it”, but is this proper advice when your goals and responsibilities as an IT recruiter involve others?  You do not want to mislead people into believing you are fully capable of taking on responsibilities when you are not prepared.  Rather than “fake it till you make it”, here is some advice to help guide you to achieving your goals.

Be Honest

When you do not know the appropriate procedures or answer to someone’s question never make up an answer.  If you provide a wrong answer, not only will you embarrass yourself when you have to follow up with the correct advice, you will also lose the trust of the other party.  Some IT staffing representatives fear prospective clients will sever ties when they do not have all the answers, but what clients respect more is someone who takes the time and effort to research their concerns and address them in a timely manner.

Ask Questions, Write Down Answers

Asking questions is strongly encouraged, especially when you are a new hire.  Managers become alarmed when you do not ask questions because it is a sign you are going off your own instinct.  Until you feel comfortable doing things your own way, follow procedure.

Technical recruiters conduct a majority of their work over the phone.  Having a training manual handy will help you when a client asks you an unexpected question on the call.  If you do not have the answer at your finger tips, ask the client if you can put them on hold while you find out the answer for them.  When you ask questions, write down the answer as a guide to help you the next time you encounter this problem.

Follow Up

IT recruiters work with a number of clients, so it is important to not let any clients slip through the cracks.  Nothing is more frustrating than waiting on an unreliable person who never gets back to you.  Maintain your work and always follow up, even if it is just to say hello and see how things are going.


Once you feel you have the hang of things at your IT recruiting agency, ask your supervisor to share a review with you.  This review will reflect your accomplishments and what you need to work on.  You are your own worst critic, let someone else point out your achievements and soon you will make it without having to fake it!

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