IT Recruiters: Food Survival Guide

IT staffing agencies can spend hours in the office chipping away at work and consistently achieving goals.  With their dedication, one may begin to wonder how recruiters find time to eat.  Here is a list of necessary food supplies for IT recruiters Boston to make it through a typical week.


Take a peek at a recruiter’s cube in the early morning hours.  You may find the IT staffing rep stirring up some oatmeal or nibbling a breakfast bar.  Some might change up their breakfast with a Chobani yogurt while others stick to a strict Pop-Tart routine.  On special occasions, there may be a trip to the local Bruegger’s or Dunkin Donuts for bagels and coffee.

Mid-morning Snack

Come ten o’clock, you will begin to hear stomachs grumble as IT staffing companies reach their mid-morning peak.  Some recruiters reach for their perfectly ripened banana while others grab a handful of nuts.  The more spontaneous recruiters take a trip for a donut or muffin along with a coffee to make it to noon.


IT recruiting firms look forward to their lunch more than any meal of the day.  In technical recruiting offices, one will notice the noise level and productivity rise after a recruiter’s midday meal.  From grabbing a sandwich at the local deli to eating last night’s leftovers, these sources of energy send recruiters into overdrive and on a mission to round up potential candidates.  For tips on dining out, check the Phantom Gourmet or go with the suggestion of fellow technical recruiters.

Mid-afternoon Snack

At around two thirty or three o’clock, the lunch activity begins to die down and IT headhunters rise from their desk for an afternoon kick.  A trip to a local convenience store or CVS is in order for an energy drink as well as candy or healthy pretzels and humus.  These snacks will give recruiters a boost to make it through closing time while rounding up candidates and scheduling interviews.


IT recruiting agencies may enjoy dinner together from time to time to discuss life outside the IT staffing industry.  These sit down meals can help to building networks while also establishing relationships out of the office.  If recruiters cannot commit to a full dinner, they can always grab drinks after work to celebrate a successful day!

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