IT Recruiters Learn to Say No

Most technical recruiters avoid the two letter word like the plague.  Whether it is fear of burning bridges, appearing rude and causing conflict, or losing opportunities, saying no is one of the most difficult aspects of technical recruiting.  Before stretching oneself too thin, here are some suggestions so one does not feel guilty when he must turn down others.

Taking Care of Yourself

When working at IT staffing firms, recruiters want to be accommodating for others.  Revising schedules is one thing, but nixing plans and time with family is on another level.  When others’ work begins to affect personal lives and responsibilities, it is time to respect and enforce limits.

At IT recruiting agencies, one must maintain a list of projects in order of priority to have a better idea if he can take on more work before giving a direct no.  Also, ask for an estimated amount of time the project or request would entail.  If the recruiter cannot provide help, at least he will have other priorities as reasoning and can direct the requester in the right direction.

Ways to Say No

Ask Me Later

If a recruiter is feeling overwhelmed, asking the person to follow up later is a way of saying no for now, but possibly in the future.  IT staffing representatives should use this rebuttal if and only if they are uncertain if they can and will provide assistance.  The last thing anyone wants is to be strung along.

I can’t help you with this, but ____ might be able to…

When something is not one’s responsibility or he does not have time, pass the job off to the right person within the technical recruiting agencies.  It might sound bad to volunteer someone else for a task, but chances are the other person can provide more accurate information or do a better job if they are not busy.  Be respectful when doing so and the other party should understand.

Simply No

Often people let emotions and fear of conflict control their actions.  Explaining oneself too much can be unnecessary when a simple no is needed.  Put feelings aside and stay firm with an answer.  IT headhunters will be more in control of their responsibilities if they do not load up with tasks accepted in guilt.

No one wants to let others down and always saying yes seems like the way to go, but not following through is much worse than saying no.  Do not be the person who constantly forgets, runs late, makes mistakes, and has no personal time.  Work toward establishing personal goals first and then extend a helping hand.

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