IT Recruiting Advice: Write Your Thoughts Down!

In the IT staffing industry, there are peaks of booming activity, which is great for technical recruiters and IT consultants.  But is there so much activity that IT headhunters have a habit of forgetting what needs to be done or letting tasks slip through the cracks?  Technical recruiting companies might be so busy, that you begin to forget simple procedures or have trouble grasping ideas and concepts.  Before the problem progresses, the IT recruiters of AVID Technical Resources have a simple solution: keep a notebook handy and write things down!

Less Stressful

Mentally creating a list of all the things IT staffing companies need to do is not helpful and often will make employees and hiring managers more stressed out.  Having a tangible reminder of what needs to be accomplished will help you to see where IT recruiting firms have flexibility, as well as what will take priority in order of tasks.  Also, by writing down thoughts and ideas, technical recruiters will not be drawing blanks later when they need the info the most.

Improved Understanding

You may find that you remembered the information after you wrote it down, and then think perhaps you do not need to take notes.  To jot down notes is to think about the material twice, which will help to grasp a better concept of the information and improve your memory.  By writing down material, you will be able to evaluate key facts and points and use them to your advantage at a later time.  Before you give up taking notes, remember how it helped to reinforce detail.  You might not have remembered otherwise.

More on Task

By gathering your thoughts, ideas, and tasks on paper, you are mentally preparing to complete a task and put your brain to work.  Half the battle with procrastination is just getting a plan started.  By writing things down, you might find you are more willing and ready to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations.

The brain can only retain so much information.  Avoid overloading yourself by putting outstanding tasks and ideas on paper.  Eventually, you will wonder how you survived without a handy notebook!

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