Managing Your Management

No two IT recruiters work the same, each must adapt to his own form of management.  Unfortunately, you cannot choose who you work with, but you can adjust your working habits.  Here are some guidelines to ease transitions into new IT recruiting job:

Maintaining your responsibility and staying focused is ideal in all work environments.  Allowing projects and questions to slip through the cracks or exceed deadlines creates a snowball effect which leads to future issues.  Stop the problem in its tracks and be one of the technical recruiters in the office people look to for problem solving.  You will be recognized for your proficiency and boost your confidence.  Taking action and following through on your projects are key traits for upward mobility with most IT staffing jobs and positive feedback from your fellow technical recruiters Boston could mean future advancements.

WARNING: Take care of yourself before you help others.  Often people will seek you out for advice and help on projects, but make sure all your work is complete before you take on additional responsibilities.

Be honest about tasks you cannot handle.  If you are working above and beyond your work capacity, it will show in your output.  Take a step back and analyze what you can complete in terms of importance and time sensitivity.  IT staffing firms assure that upper level management would rather see you complete one of your tasks with 100% competence than finish three projects with errors.

If you find you have made a mistake, bring it to the attention of your IT Recruiting Manager so you know the proper way to amend it.  Trying to cover slip ups might cause you to make more errors while trying to balance current work.

Never guess answers to anyone’s questions.  When you do not know the correct response to someone’s inquiry, tell them you will find out an answer for them and seek out the appropriate staff.  Remember to follow up and ask if there are any additional questions you can help with.   Honesty and integrity can get you far in the work place.

WARNING: Too much honesty is not best in the work place.  Keep all personal matters to yourself as it can interfere with work relationships amongst your fellow IT recruiters.   

Openly communicate with your fellow IT recruiters Boston, supervisors and other co-workers, especially when you are collaborating on a project.  Not only will you not waste time on tasks that are possibly complete, you can learn new ways to handle tasks.  Communicating frequently keeps all technical recruiters on the same page and helps to build solid relationships.  Use it to your advantage, as you have the potential to network from these connections.

WARNING: Do not communicate too much.  Inbox clutter and irrelevant phone calls are not efficient as it is a distraction.  Stay on task and communicate when necessary, but if you are busy stay on task!

Staying motivated and recognizing achievements helps IT staffing employees improve their tasks.  Commending work while providing tips for improvement also gives employees an idea of how well they are doing and ignites a drive.  Reach out to your peers if you feel you need additional inspiration or support.

WARNING: Some people cannot handle criticism well, be aware of sensitivity.  A compliment sandwich (providing two compliments with a criticism in between) might ease the initial response.

Follow the Leader
Upper level management within IT recruiting companies should be setting examples.  When you are in doubt about how to respond in a certain situation, follow the discretion of your supervisor.  Plan and organize according to your style.  If you find it is not working for you or there is a more efficient way, make suggestions.

WARNING: A manager might have the work ethic ‘do as I say, not as I do’.  Unfortunately, this is not a rarity with IT recruiting jobsIn this instance, follow the command of your supervisor and be sure to complete your work the CORRECT way.  If your manager involves you in unethical activity or asks you to perform tasks which you do not feel comfortable, reach out to his manager or your with your concerns.  

From laid back to strict management, always carry yourself in a professional manner.  You can adapt to a style of management, it just takes focus and commitment.  For more helpful articles visit AVID’s job seekers page!

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