Old School Networking – Career Fairs

With job listing sites such as, LinkedIn, and CareerBuilder, it is hard to remember the basics of face to face networking.  Career fairs provide the opportunity to network with hiring managers and technical recruiters, but people often avoid them because they have not been properly prepared for them.  Use these tips to take full advantage of your next job fair.


Career fairs typically list the IT staffing companies and direct clients who will be present at the event with the guest list ranging from few to many corporations.  It is your responsibility to sift through the list and choose IT recruiting firms or direct companies that interest you.  IT staffing agencies work with some big names in the information technology industry, so it is wise to keep them in mind.  Once you have compiled your list, research the businesses so you know their backgrounds and impress representatives with any news within the companies or industries.

Look your best and always dress to impress with a neatly pressed suit.  Aim to arrive early as reps can be overwhelmed at peak hours and burned out by the end of the day.


With all the free loot and business cards going around, the whole experience can seem overwhelming.  Maintain self control and focus on your goal.   Keep copies of your resume tucked away and give one only to businesses or technical recruiters that interest you.  Try to build a connection with the rep while talking up your accomplishments and skills.  Mention something unique about yourself or in the conversation so the IT staffing representative will remember you.  Try to use your rep’s name in the conversation to help solidify the relationship as you will seem more genuine.  Exchange contact information and be sure to walk away with business cards.


Review the material you have collected and remove any IT recruiting companies that did not interest you.  If you are having second thoughts about a corporation, put it to the side.  Follow up with a unique thank you note to the IT recruiters or company representatives that you met and reiterate your interest in the company, but keep it simple so you do not sound desperate.  Mention the unique attribute from your conversation so they can put a face to your email.

The wait period can be the most difficult part of the IT job hunting process.  From being rejected to no response, the procedure is often frustrating.  Giving up is the last thing you want to do.  The business cards you collected can be handy for future opportunities, just remember to stay in touch!

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