IT Recruiting is not Day Care

Hey technical recruiters!  Do you trust your IT contractors?  Are you confident your candidates can make the right decisions on their own?  Some IT recruiters feel it is necessary to walk their clients through the IT staffing process, which is completely acceptable.  What is not acceptable is talking down to your contractors, holding their hand, and giving into outlandish demands throughout their contract duration.

The Customer is Always Right

IT recruiting companies want to keep their clients more than satisfied with their services.  How much can technical recruiting firms give before they begin to break?  By repeatedly meeting contractors’ unrealistic demands and expectations, IT staffing companies will find it difficult to say no in the long run.  Clients may begin to take advantage of a company’s generosity, so an IT recruiter should put his foot down early to prevent things from getting out of hand.

Flip Side: The technical recruiter is not always right.  Be open to suggestions and encourage feedback from your contractors.  Their criticism and praise can help your performance and work ethic!

Making Decisions

Contractors are typically experienced adults and seldom does a recruiter come across a client who cannot make choices on his own.  Only the candidate knows what is best in terms of his wants and needs and never should a recruiter make a decision for him.  Rather than taking the reins, IT staffing firms can help candidates make decisions in terms of which IT jobs would be the best fit for their experience and lifestyle.

Flip Side: If a candidate cannot make up his mind or seems indifferent about an offer, remind him the benefits of taking the position, but reiterate that other candidates would be happy to be in his place. 


Sometimes it is not what you say to a candidate, but how you say it.  Contractors may be more sensitive while others have a tougher skin and can handle a strong personality or attitude.  The most important aspect of recruiting is staying positive throughout the experience.  Get to know your clients so you know how to conduct business effectively.

Flip Side: Babying your client helps no one.  Coach your contractor with proper instruction and feedback to help his progress.  If he reacts poorly to your advice, it may be time to sever ties and stop representing him.


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