Technical Recruiters: Best IT Staffing Snacks

With Halloween this past week, it might be tempting to hit up the after holiday sales and stock up on candy.  Maybe IT recruiters are wiser and dip into their child’s stash.  Before deciding to reach for a candy bar or visit the office vending machines of technical recruiting firms, stop.  Here are some healthy snack alternatives to boost energy and treat oneself while avoiding potential guilt.

Sweet Tooth?

Sugary fruit flavored treats and chocolate seem to be a staple for snacking…that is if you are a child.  As an adult, a technical recruiter should be educated on nutritional values and make healthy decisions.  If an IT recruiter craves chocolate, be sure it is dark chocolate.  If you still cannot shake a sugar craving, split a candy bar with another recruiter or candidate at your IT staffing company.

Looking for something fruity?  Try canned fruit packed in water, not syrup, which can be easily stored.  If a recruiter prefers fresh fruit, precut it and store it in containers.  Greek yogurt provides an excellent source of protein while maintaining a low fat content, too.  Just be sure your IT staffing firm has a fridge!


Pretzels are low in fat and great to nibble on during mid afternoon slumps.  Be aware of your portion size so you do not over eat.  Microwavable light popcorn is conveniently storable and offers significant dietary fiber with a low calorie count to fill you up.  Still not feeling satisfied?  Reach for nuts which pack a powerful protein punch and healthy fat, but be mindful of your consumption.  If you must have chips, choose baked or reduced fat.

An Inbetween?

Cannot decide between sweet or salty snacks?  Try a combination to satisfy both of your desires.  Opt for trail mix that has mixed nuts as well as chocolate candies or yogurt covered raisins.  Dark chocolate covered pretzels may also do the trick.  Peanut butter with crackers or an apple is an easy and handy small snack, too.

Choosing convenience over healthy snacks is bound to take a toll on your overall well-being.  Pre-pack your snacks to maintain portions and save money.  Keep these practical snacks on hand at IT recruiting firms to fight cravings and hold you over through the afternoon!

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