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The Top Rated ATS Systems for IT Recruiting Companies

Applicant tracking systems, or ATS, are critical to the success of IT recruiters and IT staffing companies.  Given the sheer abundance of IT recruiting firms, more and more companies are developing ATS systems and even their own CRM that eventually get packaged and sold out of the box to IT staffing firms.  There are numerous ATS systems out there, IT recruiting companies need to test drive each and identify the one that meets their needs.

In order for IT recruiting companies Boston to set up their IT recruiters Boston for success,  here are some of the key components that IT staffing agencies should consider:

1)  Resume search:  Your data is only valuable if your IT recruiters San Diego can find the resumes.  One of the most important parts of an ATS, make sure the candidate search is strong.

2)  Relational database:  In today’s technical world, most ATS’ should have the ability to tie all emails and activity to both the client contact and the candidate’s.  By doing so, it cuts down the time it takes IT recruiters Los Angeles to search for information – thus saving time and money.

3) Mass mail capabilities:  Send an email message to thousands of contacts with just one click of the button.  This feature should be standard with Applicant Tracking Systems.  Make sure the one you choose has this capability if your technical recruiters like the idea of mass mailing information technology candidates or IT managers.

4)  Crawlers:  This is a key bonus to any ATS as it help build your resume database virtually around the clock.  The only drawback for technical recruiting firms is the fact that most job boards will give you a max amount of resume views so you could burn these allotment up very quickly.

5)  Support:  No ATS is perfect and most IT recruiting companies MA want to customize their system based on the needs of their technical recruiters Boston.  Therefore, make sure your ATS has unlimited support.

The Importance of Customer Service in IT Staffing

IT recruiting companies need to separate themselves from the competition.  Outside of having the best IT recruiters and IT jobs, the best way for technical recruiting firms to do so it by providing excellent customer service.  This means treating candidates they way they would want to be treated in return.  IT staffing companies can treach their technical recruiters to go above and beyond by communicating, even overcommunicating, to candidates.  If a high-tech candidate interviews for an IT job, their respective IT recruiter should keep them as updated as they are with the feedback.  If a week passes and they don’t hear from the client, a simple call to the candidate saying they didn’t fall through the cracks or were forgotten.  The IT staffing agency is still trying to reach the hiring manager for feedback.

Additionally, IT recruiters Boston should return every call as well as every email from prospective IT job candidates (unless of course they receive an excessive amount of communication from one individual).

Lastly, after a placement is made, the relationship should not end.  Staying in touch with the information technology contractor and even going to their work facility to grab coffee or lunch are additional ways technical staffing companies can separate themselves from other IT recruiting firms.

Finding the Balance of Contacting IT Recruiters

IT recruiters speak with hundreds of candidates each week.  Therefore, it’s imperative that information technology professionals keep in touch with their short-list of technical recruiters and their respective IT staffing companies Boston.  However, where is the line?

On one hand, you need to make sure you’re the first person a technical recruiter calls when they receive the appropriate position that fits your technical skills.  Regardless of how strong of a relationship you might have with the IT recruiter, there are likely dozens of other candidates with the same skill set who think the same.  Therefore, finding the balance between staying in touch with technical recruiting firms without being a pest can be difficult.

In our experience, the rule of thumb is no more than one contact (either an email or phone call) is acceptable each week.  This provides a refresher for the IT headhunter and gives you the chance to call at the right time in the event the IT staffing firm happens to receive a position that fits your background that very day.

Anything more than one contact per week crosses the line of harrassment.  Remember, IT recruiters typically make their living by putting people to work.  Therefore, they’re just as motivated to contact you when the right IT jobs open up.  However, timing is everything and candidates do fall through the cracks, so be sure to keep in touch.

Should IT Recruiters Respond to Emails on Vacation?

You have planned a week long getaway from the IT recruiting office in another country, far away from hiring managers, ongoing IT job interviews, and IT consultants.  You set up your auto response and request all urgent matters be sent to a fellow technical recruiter.  Before you press save, be mindful of these vacation email response tips.


Providing an automatic response confirms your email address to potential spammers.  Stop before you give out your account managers’ or technical recruiters’ email addresses in your vacation auto-reply.  You may be unwittingly exposing them to spam.  Instead, try to customize your message for those on your contact list, and then have a template for others.  Also, you may want to set up the response so it only reaches contacts once.  Then they are not repeatedly spammed with your out of office message.


For security purposes, do not provide the location of your vacation or the itinerary unless it’s a trusted family member or friend.  Letting others know your house will be vacant during your absence creates a threat of vandalism and theft.  Also, others outside IT staffing firms simply do not need to know your business.

Warn Ahead of Time

The IT staffing world will go on without you while you are on your holiday, so think twice before you check your email.  Warn others at technical recruiting firms ahead of time for projects that will need your approval, consent, or opinion.  By repeatedly checking and responding to emails while you are away, you’re letting work consume your life and disrupt your time to relax.  By providing a heads up, there will be no excuse, guilt, or blame for when you return.

Incorporating Skype into IT Job Interviews: Candidates

Phone screens are quite common during interview rounds as hiring managers select final candidates for IT job opportunities.  With new information technology, IT recruiting firms may even vamp up their interview procedure with an innovative type of screening known as the Skype screen.  If you are a prospective candidate, read on for information and tips to make the most out of a Skype screening.

Check Technology

Prior to the interview, check your audio equipment and microphone.  Though most laptops come with standard webcam features, you may want to invest in newer equipment so your IT staffing interview runs as smoothly as possible.  Check your network connection for a clear signal and send all attachments to technical recruiters prior to the interview.  Have the attachments and your resume open and ready at the start of the Skype call for quick access.

Dress the Part

Just because the interview is in your home, candidates should not become too comfortable.  Opt for an entire suit rather than a dressy shirt and casual pants while maintaining a business attitude.  Use a professional Skype handle versus personal accounts.  Remember to smile and have natural facial expressions during the conversation with IT recruiters.  Also, the camera is where you will be making eye contact, so do not become distracted by staring at yourself while speaking or watching your IT recruiting audience.

Beware of distractions

Interviewing in the privacy of your own home is a luxury, but remember to keep it a formal interview.  Ask family members and roommates for privacy while keeping pets out of the picture.  Use a blank wall or cleared space for your background.  IT headhunters will find it hard to believe you are organized if they spy a cluttered background or mess!

One of the best reasons to conduct a Skype interview is to record and review it after.  Take notes on areas of strength and room for improvement.  The Skype interview may help candidates of technical recruiting firms better communication skills as you become more comfortable with the experience!

IT Recruiting: Lunch Etiquette

Technical recruiting companies frequently engage in lunch meetings with their candidates to discuss business and life in general.  These gatherings can range from low key to a strict agenda depending on the client.  If IT recruiters are uncertain of how to behave during a meeting, here are some tips to stay in line during a standard corporate lunch.


Technical recruiters should look up the menu in advance so they do not waste time deciding on lunch.  Choose two different meals, one light and the other a full meal while avoiding messy and finger foods.  Plan to arrive fifteen minutes early and dress professionally.  IT headhunters may be over dressed for the restaurant or relative to their client, but it is better than standing out in a negative way.  Prepare an itinerary for the meeting and leave phones off or in the car.

At the Meeting

IT recruiting firms should greet their client with a firm handshake and wait to be seated.  Place napkins on the lap and do not put cell phones on the table even if they are on silent.  The contractor should place his order first, and then the IT staffing rep can choose his meal depending on what the contractor orders.  This way the contractor will not be waiting for the recruiter to finish his steak if the candidate only ordered a salad.  Also, try to avoid going to the meeting hungry because technical recruiting firms may become too distracted with food to discuss the importance of the meeting.  Before diving into business, make small talk to set a comfortable mood and then transition the subject after placing the order.

The Food

Anything that can stain or get stuck in the teeth of an IT recruiter should be saved for a night out with the pals.  Also, food that is messy and difficult to eat is distracting and can upset the client while alcohol is typically avoided.  When the technical recruiter is finished eating, rest the utensils on the plate with the napkin on the table.  It might be tempting to take a doggy bag with you, but fight the urge.

Be polite to all wait staff and maintain focus through the meeting.  If the recruiter extended the invite, cover the bill and be discreet in regards to tipping.  Remember to thank clients for their time!