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The Best IT Recruiters are Like Gold

The IT recruiting industry is a rollercoaster of a ride with many ups and downs.  Successful IT recruiters typically can roll with the punches and have a steadfast drive and determination to succeed.  Those IT recruiting companies that are lucky enough to have one or more successful IT recruiters Boston, they need to hold on to them like they’re gold because they’re rare.

When you combine a strong work ethic with tenacity and determination, coupled with organization and articulation, you get IT recruiters CA who drive revenue for their respective IT staffing companies.  Those IT recruiting agencies need to treat them like gold because they’re rare.

When you get technical recruiters who are honest and of high, quality character, you get IT recruiters MA who help positively affect people’s lives and add/fill IT jobs for our nation’s economy.  Those IT recruiting firms need to treat them like gold because unfortunately they’re rare.

When you get technical recruiters Boston who are willing to help their peers and put the interest of the candidates and/or the IT staffing agency ahead of their own, you need to treat them like gold because they’re rare.

At AVID Technical Resources, we’re lucky to be one of the top IT staffing companies Boston because we have a team of recruiters with these qualities.

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get

The IT staffing industry is not unlike many other sales positions.  The more activity you put out, the better your odds of success.  For IT recruiters, this translates into calls.  Ultimately, the more calls you make in a day, the better your chance of finding those perfect information technology professionals for your high-tech jobs.

Technical recruiters who work hard throughout the day might make as many as a 75-100 calls and emails.  While this can be exhausting, this will likely mean dozens of responses from prospective IT job candidates.   For those IT recruiters Boston who do additional work from the comfort of their own home at night, the next day can literally feel like Christmas as they log on to their computer to await the responses from interested candidates.

The best IT recruiting firms understand the importance of high activity.  No matter how strong of a salesperson you are, if you make half the calls as your competition working for other IT staffing agencies, they will win out every time.  You may make that first placement, but over the course of time, other IT recruiters CA will win.

Technical recruiters Boston who do not make a high number of calls not only stunt their growth, the growth of their IT staffing agency, but also just make for a very slow day.  Your peer who put out 100+ calls the prior day is walking into a barrage of responses the next day while you may not have any due to your weak activity.  This translates into a slow, boring day….without much of a chance of making commissions.

If you find yourself working in the IT staffing industry, then follow my lead.  Make as many calls as possible and you’ll find success.  Ultimately, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

The Importance of Customer Service in IT Staffing

IT recruiting companies need to separate themselves from the competition.  Outside of having the best IT recruiters and IT jobs, the best way for technical recruiting firms to do so it by providing excellent customer service.  This means treating candidates they way they would want to be treated in return.  IT staffing companies can treach their technical recruiters to go above and beyond by communicating, even overcommunicating, to candidates.  If a high-tech candidate interviews for an IT job, their respective IT recruiter should keep them as updated as they are with the feedback.  If a week passes and they don’t hear from the client, a simple call to the candidate saying they didn’t fall through the cracks or were forgotten.  The IT staffing agency is still trying to reach the hiring manager for feedback.

Additionally, IT recruiters Boston should return every call as well as every email from prospective IT job candidates (unless of course they receive an excessive amount of communication from one individual).

Lastly, after a placement is made, the relationship should not end.  Staying in touch with the information technology contractor and even going to their work facility to grab coffee or lunch are additional ways technical staffing companies can separate themselves from other IT recruiting firms.

Evaluating IT Staffing Companies

When it comes to choosing the right IT recruiting firm (among hundreds of IT staffing companies) to represent you with your job search, there are many options.   A quick internet search for an IT staffing or IT recruiting company in any given location can yield overwhelming results.  This can be a particularly challenging issue for many IT job seekers as choosing the wrong company can make the difference between getting their ideal job, or getting the runaround.

There are many factors one should consider when reaching out to IT staffing agencies or technical recruiting companies but here are a couple of quick tell-tale signs that let you know if you are on the right track.  First off, doing a little research on a company can prove very revealing. Typically, where there’s smoke there’s fire so if you see a number of negative Google or Yelp reviews that should serve a good indicator for what you may be getting.  It takes time for someone to add a review (good or bad) so if someone has taken the time to share their experiences with others, they’ve typically felt pretty strongly about what happened to them.

Next, what happens when you finally connect with IT recruiters.  Do they seem genuinely interested in helping you with your career, by asking you questions about your past positions and experiences, in addition to your goals and aspirations moving forward.  Or do they seem more interested in the positions they are currently working on and if you’ll be a fit for any of those openings.  Reputable technical recruiters will want to spend a great deal of time getting to know you and what drives you, so they find the best opportunity for you.  If you’ve determined any follow-up steps after your initial call or meeting some IT headhunters, does the IT recruiter call and/or email as scheduled.  If they don’t do these basic things and appreciate and respect your time then there’s little chance that things will improve.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and if this is a snap shot of the recruiter at their best, then you wouldn’t want to see them at their worst.

Ultimately, it’s very important for a candidate to remember that while IT staffing firms will be evaluating them as they search for a new position, they should also be evaluating the IT staffing agency.  Making the wrong decision can seriously impact a candidates career.

All IT Staffing Companies Are Not Created Equal

If you’re an information technology professional, you know that there are a countless number of IT recruiting firms to choose from when you’re in need help of your next assignment.  Therefore, when searching for the best technical recruiting agency to partner with, consider some of the following as not all IT staffing companies are created equal:

1)  How long has the IT recruiting firm been in business?
– Was the company created after the recent economic recession or did they make it through the downturn?   Unfortunately, or fortunately, recessions typically weed out the weaker technical staffing companies and only the strong survive.

2)  How many IT recruiters and/or IT staffing offices does the company have?
– This would be a good indication of the size of the IT staffing agency, and potentially the attention that you’ll receive.

3)  Google the IT staffing firms and find out what clients and prospective IT job seekers have written about them.  In the information technology age, there are a number of ways to get feedback.

4)  Do the IT staffing comanies have a vertical industry niche that matches your background or a strong footprint with local companies that you’re interested in working for?

IT Job Interview No-No’s

What to do and what to say in an IT job interview are both age-old questions.  Take it from these IT recruiters, and adhere to the following list of no-no’s with any technical job interview:

1) Don’t be late:  While there’s no excuse for being late for an IT job interview (give yourself 2 extra hours to make it to an IT recruiting firm or client company), sometimes there are extreme traffic or public transportation delays out of your control.  If you’re faced with being late, contact your technical recruiters or interviewer immediately to let him or her know you’re running late.

2)  Don’t dress casually:  Even if you know the client is business casual or even less formal, first impressions are critical to any technical job placement.  Therefore, always play it safe and wear a suit (unless your IT headhunters or hiring manager tells you otherwise).

3)  Don’t  call the IT recruiters or interviewers by the wrong name:  Trick of the trade, ask for business cards after you sit down and place them in front of you based on where the technical recruiters or hiring managers are sitting.

4)  Don’t bad mouth a past employer or boss:  This not only makes you look bitter, it makes the technical recruiter or hiring manager question the real reason why you left your last position.  Also, it’s a small world, there’s always a chance the IT recruiters Boston or client knows that person (or worse is related!).

5)  Don’t leave the interview without asking what the next steps are:  While this isn’t a tragic error, our IT recruiters MA included this “don’t” to stress the importance of leaving with a follow up/timeline.  Try to close the deal while you have the opportunity to sit in front of the IT staffing agency or client company!

Hey—Don’t hire me!

Not the message you want to be sending to employers when you are shopping the IT job market.  Unfortunately, some candidates are unaware of their eye-popping mistakes.  Ignorance may seem bliss, but unemployment is not.  Here are some red flags IT recruiters use to screen candidates:

–          Poor Grammar and Typos

Neglecting to spell check and proof read your resume is an easy way to ruin your candidacy.  IT staffing firms select the best applicants for their open positions.  A spelling error or typo is a red flag for technical recruiters indicating this candidate does not check or review his work.  It is worthwhile to have a second set of eyes review your resume before you begin applying to postings.

–          Readability and Relevancy Issues

If an IT staffing agency has a harder time reading your resume than a Shakespearian play, this might be a clue it needs tweaking.  A technical recruiter will scratch a candidate who cannot communicate and highlight his skills in writing.  Gear resumes for the specific postings and keep it relevant!  Write about what YOU accomplished at IT jobs, not job descriptions.  Avoid buzz words that add nothing to your resume as it is better to be precise and brief than convoluted and lengthy.

–          Stretching the Truth

Never exaggerate your experiences or lie about your past.  If you are placed in an IT job in which you are unqualified, you will end up right where you were before you scored the position– only now you have lost the help from technical recruiters.  Tell the IT staffing firm your skill level and how frequently you used the skill set, including the last time you used them.  The technical recruiting company can then place you with the appropriate opening.  If you have gaps of employment or multiple short-term positions on your resume, be prepared to explain.  Technical recruiters Boston will not make a placement if he believes the candidate will not complete their assignment.

–          Negative Attitude

When IT recruiters Boston reach out to you, they also look for social cues.  Do you speak positively of previous employers?  Can you communicate and express yourself with adequately?  IT staffing agencies MA seek candidates who will work well in the office environment.  Negative attitudes create conflicts that can affect working conditions.  Keep your conversations upbeat, try to stay optimistic, and end on a good note.

–          Lack of Communication

If a technical recruiter reaches out to you, be sure to respond in a timely manner.  It’s not only frustrating waiting on a response, but it also halts a process.  The lack of response signifies your lack of interest in the position.  Be respectful and do not waste your IT recruiter’s time.  If something does not interest you or is not working out, tell your recruiter and they will take the next steps to try to accommodate you.

Remember to treat your technical staffing firm how you want to be treated!

For further tips on job searching, visit AVID’s Job Seekers page.

Never Burn a Bridge- Leaving in a Tasteful Manner

Looking for new opportunities, tired of the same routine, or seeking better benefits… you know when your time is up at an IT job, on to the next one right?  Sure, but never leave a position empty handed.  Always have recommendations in hand and leave on good terms. Give Notice—and Feedback Never drop a bombshell on an employer or IT recruiters, give at least two weeks notice prior to your departure.  This will allow companies and/or IT staffing firms to find a replacement and transition him into your role.  This is your chance to stand out and prove how well you have mastered tasks by teaching your acquired skills. Having a meeting to explain why you wish to leave your role allows the company or IT recruiting company to see where it needs to improve its strategies and goals.  This meeting also provides you with the opportunity to gain quality feedback on your performance.  When meeting with technical recruiters, explain what you disliked about the position so they can place you in a role that is more geared toward your interests. Finish Strong “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”- Steve Prefontaine You might feel lazy and wish to do the bare minimum during your remaining time, but fight the urge.  Finish strong and tie any loose ends.  Leave with a lasting impression, as these last few days will be the foundation of your recommendation and determine if your IT staffing agency will use you for upcoming placements.  If there is an unresolved issue, fix it before your replacement takes on your role, it eases the frustrations on both ends.  Be sure to introduce your replacement to your partners so they understand each other’s roles and how to communicate with one another. Stay on Good Terms—Connected and Recommended Treat all coworkers from the past as if they are still in the next cubicle over.  If you have not already, network with your IT recruiters Boston, co-workers, and managers on Linkedin.  You never know when you are applying to a new position who could be the hiring manager and if you share connections.  Your daily water cooler talk could be the lead way in transitioning your career. Speaking ill of previous experiences puts you on a pedestal of negativity.  Do not be tempted to bad mouth an old employer or technical recruiting agency no matter how harshly you were treated or if your expectations were not met.  When you cannot think of anything you enjoyed during your time at the position, speak of the skills you attained and how you wish to use them to advance your career. Be Grateful Your previous employer took you on their team—and payroll.  Be thankful that they allowed you to share this experience by sending a brief thank you note.  Thank your IT staffing representative for their hard work and effort to secure you a position and wish that they keep you in mind for upcoming roles.  If you seemed to have burned a bridge in the process, it might be salvageable.  Admit your faults and, as mentioned before, finish strong.

The Importance of Building Relationships With IT Recruiters

Prospective candidates usually come to an IT staffing agency to help finding an IT job. Some are desperately looking and others already know the drill. Many will apply to the technical job opportunities available on the IT recruiting company’s website while some will just submit their resume directly to their IT recruiters and hope for the best.

While both could help you land a new technical position, take the time to build a relationship with multiple IT recruiters Boston. Pick up the phone and talk with a technical recruiter at various IT staffing agencies. Getting to know them personally will better your chance of landing that perfect IT job. Keep your name at the tip of the IT headhunter’s tongue; stay in contact to make sure your resume sits atop of their pile. Show the IT recruiter that you’re not just a name or are just technical skills on paper; show them that you’re a living person with a family. Build the relationship so they know who you are and you know who they are.

Stay in touch throughout the IT job hunt. Let them know about other companies you have applied to so they do not submit you to the same place. They may also be able to expedite the review of your resume if the IT recruiter has close ties with any of those companies.

Also stay in touch with the technical recruiters after the placement. A common mistake that IT job seekers make is losing touch with IT recruiters Boston after they land a new position. But do not let this happen. You never know when a stronger opportunity will become available or when you’ll find yourself looking or even suddenly out of work. You should look at the IT recruiter/candidate relationship as something long term and beneficial for both sides.

Therefore, build a relationship with IT recruiters. It will benefit you from start to finish. IT jobs are competitive and if you have someone that will stand behind you, technical recruiters can help overcome your competition.

What Salary Should You Ask For As An IT Recruiter

The big question that many prospective IT recruiters are faced with after their final interview with an IT staffing company is what salary should they demand.  Since the key to most IT recruiting companies is their commission plans, the appropriate salaries can vary.  Therefore, technical recruiters must take a number of factors into consideration:

  • Commission Plan:  This is the most critical piece of any compensation plan.   IT recruiters Boston who are confident in their work ethic and ability will want an aggressive commission plan.  This in turn, would translate into a lower salary (as ideal as it would be, you can’t have both).  If you’re an aggressive technical recruiter, then you’ll want an aggressive plan.  If you value work/life/balance, then find an IT recruiting firm who is heavier on the front end (salary).
  • Additional bonuses and/or stock:  Does the IT recruiting agency provide any additional bonuses or incentives?  Annual bonus?  Stock sharing plan?  Additional vacation time?  These are all things that IT recruiters need to know before deciding on a fair and equitable salary.
  • Insurance plan & other company contributions:  In today’s age, health insurance rates are through the roof.  Therefore, take a look at what out-of-pocket expenses you might incur with your plan.  What percentages of your health insurance will the IT staffing firm pay?  Would the money be withheld pre or post-tax?  Is there a 401k match?  A disability or life insurance plan?  All these factors will have an effect your salary requirements.
  • Vacation policy:  Holidays are scarce in the IT recruiting industry as technical staffing firms must be open if there is a chance any of their IT consultants are working.  Therefore, knowing you may only receive 5-6 holidays, dig into your vacation time.  IT recruiters Boston work hard; therefore it’s critical to have some time off to rest and recharge the battery.
  • Volume of requirements:  Outside of compensation, this is the most critical factor to success for technical recruiters.  Simply put, does the IT recruiter have enough qualified job orders to make money?  Dig into req volume; fill ratios and other metrics that will help you gauge the realistic opportunity for you to fill positions.
  • Company growth & opportunity:  Unless your career aspiration is to be a life-long technical recruiter, you’re going to want to know about the potential to move upwards within the IT recruiting firm.  Is there an opportunity to run the IT staffing branch?  A regional role?  Training other IT recruiters Boston?  Dig into the potentials, and then ask for real-life examples of people who have been promoted into these roles.
  • Personal experience:  Of course your own personal experience and past IT recruiting production numbers are a huge component that will help drive your salary requirements.  Your past annual revenue numbers can drive your market value up or down based on productivity.
  • Personal bills & expenses:  Figure out the amount of money you will need to live comfortably.  This should be your bottom line in terms of salary.  Next calculate how much you would ideally like the IT staffing agency to pay you.  Make sure that is not unrealistic and competitive.  You may not be sure what you are worth or what salary the hiring managers are willing to pay.
  • Competitor Comps:  If you can find salaries and hourly rates of the job you are interested in, you can compare them with other IT recruiting companies Boston.  This will allow you to find an average salary range for the IT recruiting position based on the current economic climate.