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IT Recruiting Firms Embracing YouTube

As prospective IT consultants search the net for resume writing and interview tips, it would be in the best interest of IT recruiting firms to have helpful and interesting content that ensures these candidates land on their website and ultimately look at their IT jobs.  In today’s social media age, YouTube is one of the best resources that prospective candidates can use for any number of self help tips.  Subsequently, IT staffing companies should have their IT recruiters create mock interviews covering common questions and proper etiquette then post it on their website for others to see (ultimately drawing more people to their site).  Additional ideas could be a “do” and “don’t” interview with various technical recruiters and their advise how best to work with IT recruiters Boston or IT recruiters CA.

YouTube provides an unlimited amount of ideas and potential videos for IT recruiting companies and their IT staffing salespeople and technical recruiters Boston.  It could draw prospective candidates to their website and ultimately promote followers on their social media sites.  Therefore, by embracing YouTube, IT recruiting agencies can ultimately drive revenue.

How Technology Has Impacted IT Recruiting

A dozen years ago IT recruiters relied upon paper resumes and referrals to identify IT consultants for various technical jobs.  There were very few, if IT job boards and CRM’s to make the job of technical recruiters easier.  The landscape today has changed dramatically.  Here are the biggest advancements that have ultimately transformed the IT staffing industry:

1)  CRM’s:  This allows IT recruiters Boston the ability to organize their candidates and efficiently find/contact them for various IT jobs.  CRM’s today all IT recruiters MA the ability to mass mail – thus sending one email to hundreds to thousands of candidates.

2)  Monster:  Still the premiere technical job board on the market today, Monster is the #1 resource for prospective candidates and IT recruiting companies alike.

3)  Linkedin:  Allows IT recruiters CA the ability to find passive candidates, while giving IT staffing salespeople the ability to find hiring managers within their target accounts.

These 3 technologies have transformed the IT recruiting industry.  Most all IT staffing companies have access (or upgraded accounts) to each.  If you’re looking at a career in technical recruiting, make sure the IT staffing firms you meet with provide their IT recruiters San Diego access to these sites.

IT Recruiting Firms Weathering the Economic Storm

For those IT recruiting companies that made it through the recent economic recession, the key to success can likely be attributed to their IT staffing salespeople as opposed to their IT recruiters.  While the IT recruiters CA likely played a key role in sustaining revenue, in a severe downturn like we experienced, the salespeople played a critical role.  Ultimately, a recession = fewer IT jobs.  With a vast number of IT staffing companies vying for fewer technical jobs, ultimately it came down to what IT staffing salesperson worked harder to get their hands on the IT job openings.  With a vast number of information technology professionals on the market, finding the candidates was not as difficult.

While IT recruiting firms could not sustain revenue without IT recruiters filling the IT job requirements, ultimately their success came down to their account managers.

Coming from a technical recruiting company who has weathered two recessions, the key to success in any downturn is IT staffing salespeople.  Even further, the key to each individual salesperson’s success is activity.  The more calls they make, the better their odds of finding that next job for their IT recruiters Boston to work on.

There Are No Guarantees in IT Recruiting

The very best IT recruiters thoroughly qualify each candidate before submitting information technology professionals to their clients.  Technical recruiters have to dig to uncover the truths – all in an attempt to make sure the candidate is truly interested in committed to moving forward with their respective IT jobs.  IT recruiting firms teach many “lock down” questions to ensure their IT recruiters Boston do not dangle a carrot in front of their clients only to pull it back when there is interest.

The qualifying questions all have a reason behind them.  For example, IT recruiters CA may want to know what other technical jobs the candidate is interviewing for and where they’re at with each opportunity.  The reason for this question is simply to determine whether the candidate is days or hours away from accepting another opportunity – subsequently making the submittal to their client just a teaser.

Another qualifying question that IT recruiting companies CA teach their IT staffing employees is whether there is anything else holding the candidate back from accepting a client’s offer if the compensation met their needs.  It’s typically pretty shocking what can be uncovered by asking such an open ended question.

However, sadly, regardless of how well IT staffing companies train ttheir technical recruiters CA, there are no guarantees that the IT recruiting agencies can deliver the candidates to the client on the first day of work.  Unfortunately, no matter how many questions were asked, how many references checked, how many conversations or meetings with the candidates (and clients) take place, there are no guarantees when it comes to the high-tech professional actually starting their respective IT job.

Therefore, if you’re a client and frustrated with IT staffing agencies when their candidates back out of a confirmed hire, make sure to dig yourself.  Find out what questions were asked, what conversations had, the last time the IT staffing firm spoke with the candidate and if they ever met the candidate in person.  Do this because at the end of the day, unfortunately IT staffing companies cannot guarantee people.

Sending Paper Resumes To IT Recruiters

As an IT recruiter working for one of the fastest growing IT staffing companies Boston, we periodically receive paper resumes blindly sent from candidates in the information technology industry.  Here are 3 reasons why prospective candidates should not send paper resumes to technical recruiters:

1)  They get thrown away:  IT recruiters Boston typically look at paper resumes as a sign that the candidates are not technically saavy enough to utilize email.  Therefore, paper resumes are more of a red flag than a summary of one’s life technical work.

2)  It “ages” you:  Mailing your resume a decade+ ago was your only option of getting your informatioin to IT recruiting companies.  Therefore, this is typically associated with a technique someone from an older generation would do.  While you cannot IT job descriminate, this certainly does not help your chances of landing one of the technical jobs that the IT recruiting company has posted on their website.

3)  They will not be added to the database:  Because it’s paper, technical recruiters will have to scan the resume in order add it to their IT job database.  When you’re looking at hundreds of technical resumes every day, and cal easily parse them with a click or two of a button, then human nature is going to win over and you’re not going to take the extra steps involved in scanning a resume into your IT staffing database (especially knowing #1 and #2 above).

Therefore, if you’re a prospective IT job candidate, save your forty-five cents and email your resume to as many IT recruiters CA and IT staffing firms as you can.  Most will be added to their respective resume databases.

Can Facebook Help Your IT Job Search?

Everyone’s favorite social networking site, Facebook, plans to launch its own job board later this summer. The board will aggregate IT job postings from third-party sites and make them searchable to Facebook users. Considering the massive reach of the site, 955 million monthly active users, of which more than half are daily users, 552 million, the idea may seem like a dream for all IT recruiters, IT job seekers, employers or IT recruiting companies. Two debates are raised however on the effectiveness and appropriateness of Facebook as a professional IT job seeking and technical recruiting tool.

One fundamental question for Facebook’s potential new job board is how to publish open positions to its multitude of users. The site exists to promote social networking and while it may be one aspect of this, IT job searching is not the main reason people visit Facebook. If IT jobs were to solely take the form of ads on the side of the page, they could likely be ignored as most other ads on Facebook are. Another proposed idea is to include job postings directly in newsfeeds, using information in a user’s profile and timeline activity to match particular interests or skills. Considering the way we use Facebook, newsfeed job postings may be annoying and overlooked. Maybe Facebook should call up one of Boston’s top IT staffing firms and have our web designers and programmers create the solution.

As AVID IT recruiters Boston can tell you, matching the perfect candidates with our IT job openings is tough work. Considering my own carefully maintained Facebook profile and those of my many friends, it seems the information published by Facebook users may not provide the best source for matching technical jobs. Facebook profiles most often do not include extensive information about one’s professional experience, interests, or skills. Listing a workplace or position is not even a profile requirement.  Take a look at Facebook’s professionally minded step-sister, LinkedIn, on the other hand. LinkedIn by design is a means to display your information technology career information in detail and invite employers and IT recruiters MA to view it and reach out. A Facebook profile showcases very different aspects of one’s life – 1000s of pictures from college and your recent family trip, life updates and that great song you just listened to, rather than your project details at work.

There’s always the risk too of showcasing the wrong personal life details with the wrong professional contacts. People have failed interviews and lost jobs for precisely this reason. If Facebook users were to alter their profiles to make them more professional in nature and appealing to IT recruiting firms, by deleting those photos of you and your college roommates at the bar in matching pumpkin Halloween costumes (guilty) and adding complete professional resume details (boring) wouldn’t we lose the appeal and charm of our most beloved and addicting work distraction (just kidding, boss)?

LinkedIn was built as a professional networking site, allowing users to make connections with people they are not necessarily friends with, or may not even know personally, but who may provide insight into a desired career. We understand Facebook as a place for friends to connect and share socially with each other (even those 200 “friends” you’ve barely, or never, met but you still convince yourself it’s not creepy to look through every picture from their last trip to the beach.) While all IT job seekers should be using LinkedIn to connect with other IT professionals who offer networking opportunities and career advice, do you really want to “friend” your IT recruiter on Facebook?

Selecting the Right IT Recruiting Firm for You

Finding the right IT staffing company can be difficult….especially in an area like Boston where there are so many IT recruiting firms to choose from.  To help you find the right technical recruiting company that is right for you, and ultimate an IT recruiter who you can build a relationship with, try the following approach:

1)  Cast a wide net:  Do a Google search for IT recruiting companies.  Consider doing a more targeted search if there is a geographic location you’re looking at such as IT recruiting companies Boston.

2)  Look for reviews of each technical staffing firm, then narrow your list down to 8-10 IT recruiting agencies that have the best feedback.

3)  Review the websites of the list of IT staffing firms on your short list and narrow it down to your top 3-5 IT recruiting firms.

4)  Contact each IT recruiting company and speak with one of their technical recruiters.  If you feel comfortable with the person, set up a time to meet in person.

Building a relationship with an IT recruiter is one of the most important components to a successful IT job search.  This will ensure he or she calls you first the minute the appropriate technical jobs opens up.

IT Jobs are Heating Up!

Being an IT recruiting company, we’ve been a pretty good barometer on the national technology IT job market.  The local IT staffing Boston industry itself has remained steady even in the worst of times.  However, as our nation climbs out of one of the worst economic downturns our country has ever seen, IT jobs are becoming more bountiful than the technology candidates themselves.

Among the hottest technical jobs are rightfully the hottest technologies.  Microsoft’s .NET and Sun Microsystems’ Java remain the hottest development languages.  Oracle continues to dominate the database side, with Sharepoint and Peoplesoft being additional technologies still very much in demand.

Therefore, if you’re an IT consultant or someone looking to break into the information technology world, be sure to follow the latest trends then find the proper training program that meets these demands accordingly.

For additional thoughts or advice, please contact one of our national IT recruiters or IT recruiters Boston today.

Tips on Submitting your Resume to Databases

Although it’s frustrating to submit your resume to IT staffing firms or direct clients without hearing back, it’s critical to get your information to as many databases as possible.  Searching for an IT job is a numbers game, the more databases you submit your resume to, the better odds that you’ll receive a call one day from an IT recruiter with that perfect job.

When IT recruiters are looking through databases, they typically search by keywords.  If you check one of our earlier articles, you can check out the tips our IT recruiter gave on putting the right skill keywords in your resume.  Therefore, before you submit your resume to that next database, make sure you list as many technical key words that you have experience with as possible (without fabricating of course).

Finally, make sure that all your information is accurate and consistent.  One pet peeve IT recruiters have is searching through a database and finding the exact same resume with a slightly different name.  By having different names you will obviously confuse IT recruiters, it could hurt your credibility and subsequently your chance to land that perfect technical job.