The Doormat IT Recruiter

IT recruiting companies recognize technical recruiters who exceed expectations and consistently achieve goals.  These recruiters are hardworking, putting forth their best effort to fill IT jobs and eagerly accepting new challenges.  In the background, there is the doormat recruiter who is picking up the slack of his peers and always lending an ear.  He fears being disliked and is willing to sacrifice his work in hopes it will bring him closer to his co-workers.

Be Assertive

IT recruiters who cannot say no send the message that their time is not nearly as valuable as their co-workers’.  If a recruiter needs assistance, it is acceptable to extend help to an extent.  Do not allow the additional workload to become routine.  If the technical recruiter is too busy to offer assistance, do not be afraid to give a firm no or direct him to someone else within the IT recruiting agency.

Call People Out

If someone is constantly asking for favors or running late, do not be afraid to bring this to their attention.  Would this person return the favor?  Would they put up with tardiness if they were on the other end?  Technical recruiting companies run on tight, busy schedules so when something comes up, it generally causes a snowball effect and wastes others’ time.  Try to be flexible, but remind the person of their actions and your own responsibilities.

If a person becomes defensive when you cannot accommodate their request, politely ask them why it is necessary.  Rebuttals such as it will take two seconds, I forgot, or I just changed it are not legit reasons.  Respect your responsibilities, stick to the facts, and remind the offender that your time is just as valuable as theirs.

Stay Calm and Responsible

People pleasers can take a severe hit in the self esteem department.  Co-workers may feel the need to assign guilt or blame to doormats because they will take it.  Do not give into rude people as they seek to hurt others.  You cannot control another person’s actions, but you can choose to remain calm and not welcome negative thoughts and attitudes.

Claim Your Achievements

Own your achievements at IT recruiting firms.  If you choose to let others overshadow you, you will never be recognized for your success.  It might be difficult to engage in conversations you wish to avoid, but preparing and doing so will help build confidence.  State your opinion and be yourself.  You do not always need to agree and often people who stick to their opinions are most respected among their peers.

The goal is to have mutual respect for yourself as well as others!

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