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Why You Should Be Open and Honest With Your Technical Recruiter

If you’re working with IT recruiters and IT staffing agencies for your IT job search, you’ve probably talked to them at least once on the phone or in person.  Sometimes, IT candidates are concerned about what they tell IT staffing firms and technical recruiters.  They apply the same polite, guarded etiquette you’d use with a hiring manager or interviewer.  However, it’s actually in your best interest to be as open and honest with your IT recruiting companies as possible.

Why should you be an open book with IT staffing companies and not with hiring managers? Because you want your IT recruiting firms to know everything you can relay about your ideal next IT jobs.  If you hide your preferences for particular work environments or embellish your actual certifications, skills, or experience, it will only hurt you.  You want your IT recruiting agencies to know what kind of job you can be successful and happy in.  If you hide any of this information or omit it, you’ll be preventing IT recruiting firms from getting you that kind of job.  You may even be guiding them to place you in a job that makes you unhappy, stressed, or potentially a job you even fired from.  Nobody wins in this scenario– not you, your IT recruiting companies, or the employer.  So don’t hold back.  Tell your recruiter everything that you think will help them find your dream job.

What Is Working With an IT Recruiter Like?

Why do so many IT candidates work with technical recruiters to help them find their next IT jobs?  It makes their search faster, easier, and more effective.  Good IT recruiters and IT staffing firms will work with you to make sure they understand exactly what you’re looking for in your next role.  This doesn’t just include the work, but also the kind of work environment, team, and bosses you thrive with.  If you’re honest with your IT recruiting companies and give them a full picture of the kind of jobs you really succeed in, they will present these kinds of opportunities to you.

Once IT staffing agencies find opportunities that match what you’ve described, they’ll start setting you up for interviews.  These will differ a little from job interviews you’ve done without IT recruiting agencies for a few reasons.  Firstly, your IT recruiting companies will really be the ones to handle compensation negotiations for you.  You’ll communicate with them about your preferred rates, benefits, etc, and they’ll go to bat for you.  Secondly, your IT recruiting firms may even walk you into the interview and make sure you have a good start to the experience.  This leads to the last difference.  Your IT staffing companies will be advocating for you as well.  Since they probably have a good relationship with the hiring company, their word will be trusted and add an extra oomph to your candidacy.  If all of these differences sound good to you, think about contacting an IT staffing firm like AVID Technical Resources.  You have nothing to lose.


Is Job Experience Important for IT Job Seekers?

If you’re a recent grad working with IT recruiters and IT staffing firms to find your next IT jobs, you’re probably wondering if it’s best to add job experience to your resume, or use up that space with information about your studies and certifications.  While both are certainly important to IT staffing agencies and hiring managers, it’s important to know what exactly is valued in the IT industry.

The truth is that while IT recruiting firms and hiring managers need you to list the relevant skills for jobs, job experience, even if it’s not particularly relevant, should still be listed.  Recent studies show that without work experience, your chances of getting a job are severely diminished. The experience is actually just as important as your degree.  This holds true even in fields like IT, where degrees in things like computer science are highly regarded by IT staffing companies and technical recruiters.  So don’t let your work experience drop off your resume—it may just be what gets you the job!