Dealing with Difficult People in the IT Recruiting World

The US population is over 307 million people with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and personalities.  Meeting others through the IT staffing industry is fun, educational, and shapes your overall character.  While shared qualities might bring some together, there are qualities that set us apart.  When you meet someone who appears to be difficult, how do you manage the situation?

Accepting It

Technical recruiters work with a number of different personalities on their IT jobs, so they must be as open minded as possible.  Working with an unaccommodating individual may lead you to have a better appreciation for patience and understanding.  Perhaps you might be the difficult person.  In this case , working with someone who is also stubborn may help you see how others perceive you and thus increase your flexibility.

Ignoring It

Ignoring someone’s negativity is typically ideal in most IT staffing agencies.  Those who choose to be pessimistic will try to bring others down with them, whether intentionally or not.  Rather than acknowledging someone’s miseries, change the subject, focus on a specific goal, or choose not to work with that person.

Tolerating It

Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, so be respectful.  No one has to be right when the matter is opinion-based.  Do not hold grudges.  Especially at IT recruiting agencies, this will make working conditions more troublesome.  Most importantly, never post your feelings on blogs or sites such as Twitter or Facebook.  When IT recruiters or candidates come at you with a condescending email or snide remark, bite your tongue.  Give it time and think out an appropriate response.  Chances are you will be less worked up later if you do not exert a great amount of effort in defending yourself.

Saying No

If you absolutely cannot work with a difficult person, do not do it.  There are plenty of assignments and partners to move to within IT staffing firms.  Ask a supervisor for help in dealing with offenders, chances are, this is not the first time they have heard this.

While it is not fun to work with stubborn people, the worst thing IT headhunters can do is give up without trying.  Usually there is a reason someone is being difficult.  Try to see their point of view and then make your decisions.  You might have a change of heart!

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