Impatient IT Recruiters Opt for a Change

When things are not done according to the standards or timely manner of a certain IT recruiter, does he become upset and angry?  When this technical recruiter seem to be constantly troubled with stress and anxiety of deadlines and projects, it has a contagious effect that permeates through the IT recruiting company, making others irritable and frustrated, too.  If you happen to be among the impatient IT headhunters of the IT staffing industry, here are some tips to become more tolerant.

Why are you upset?

The first step to becoming patient is identifying the source of what is causing distress.  Technical recruiters can have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others.  Often, people become impatient with issues that are beyond their control or simply need to learn to manage their moods and how to work with others.  When you find the cause to your angst, you can begin the process of patience.


If feeling anxious, try to relax and reevaluate the situation while focusing on what matters.  Chances are the issue is not nearly as important as it seems.  Before making decisions, prepare what you will say and your actions as they are bound to affect others within IT recruiting firms.  You will build better relationships and be less likely to regret a snide comment or attitude if you give yourself time to plan.  You will also produce better results by making more favorable choices, leaving you in a less stressed, more satisfied mood.

Learning Experience

Becoming more patient has a learning curve and takes time.  Start by nixing grudges and work civilly by making situations more positive and optimistic.  Learn from others and share your experiences and tips so people will also become more patient with you.  If you find you are reverting to your old ways, stop and go for a walk or take a break and return when you are ready.

Patience is not something learned over night, it takes time.  With each step, you become closer to a happier, healthier you—and candidates, coworkers, and hiring managers will appreciate it!       

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