Is This the Reason You aren’t Landing Tech Jobs?

Have you ever not landed the tech jobs that you interviewed for?  Did you have all the relevant skills and experience, but your IT recruiters said the manager decided to pass on you? Here’s one big reason you might be missing out on jobs: You’re not showing enough passion.  IT staffing firms hear all the time that managers are passing on candidates because they don’t seem excited enough about the role, the company, etc.  Here are two ways you can avoid this in the future:

  1. Show your passion for the work and technologies the role will use. Do you take classes?  Do you go to conferences?  Do you have side projects?  Talk about them.  Technical recruiters find that if candidates can’t demonstrate a deep interest in the work or the relevant technologies, then hiring managers get concerned.  Hiring managers want to make sure they hire somebody who won’t leave in the middle of a project because they get an opportunity to work with a different technology.  They also want to hire somebody who will continue to improve and grow their knowledge so they can help the company continue to improve their products, platforms, work processes, etc.   If you want the IT jobs you’re interviewing for, make sure they know that’s you!
  2. Show your passion for the company. There are a few reasons this will help you land the job.  Firstly, because there is so much poaching in the tech field, managers want to know that you are interested in working for their company.  This is especially true if they have to train you for their environment and invest a time, effort, and money to onboard you.  Managers want to know that you’ll stay for a while.  Even if you’re a contractor, managers still want to know that you’ll stay for the duration of your contract or the project you’re hired to work on.  IT staffing agencies find that if you express a real interest in the company, this will give hiring managers some confidence that you’ll stick around for at least a reasonable amount of time.  That makes you a much more marketable candidate .


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Are you not showing enough passion in your job interviews? Photo credit: Maklay62 via Pixabay.


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