IT Recruiters: What Color is Your Mood?

Ever wonder how you choose your outfits in the morning?  You might prepare the night before or grab whatever is hanging in your closet, but often there is an algorithm to the process.  Next time you are in the IT recruiting office, take note of what colors your fellow technical recruiters are wearing to get an idea of their moods.

Responsible, Credible, and Confident

Patrons of IT recruiting firms who wear neutral colors such as grey, brown, and navy blue wish to be perceived as serious and trustworthy workers.  This explains why most potential candidates opt for a conservative color scheme for IT job interviews.   Though often perceived as bland, these colors work in favor of an IT recruiter for staying in style while also appropriate for most occasions.

Energy Drive

If a technical recruiter is feeling driven and ready for action, he might choose a red shirt or orange tie.  The red is attention grabbing, but beware if you find you are hungry throughout the day.  Red can also stimulate appetite!  The orange is a softer, soothing energy color compared to red and radiates positive energy throughout the day.


How can you tell IT headhunters are having a good morning?  The color yellow is a cheerful color for IT recruiting companies and sets a joyful feel.  Be careful though, too much yellow can cause agitation and irritability.


Green is the color of not only money, but also relaxation.  Those who wear green at IT staffing firms are sending off soothing signals of stress relief and calming vibes.  While white is a conservative color, it also signifies peace and ease.

Big Decisions and Projects

If you have a big decision to make or assignment to lead, you may need to throw on a purple tie or blouse.  Purple is known to stimulate the brain and drive inner creativity.  It also has been connected to one’s intuition, so it can help an IT headhunter follow his instinct.  If you cannot find a piece of purple garb, grab yellow!  Yellow has been coupled with intelligence and inspiration.

A Little Bit of Everything?

The most complex color seems to be everyone’s favorite, blue.  Blue is known to be stress relieving and calming, but it is also known to drive creativity.  Those who wear the color may feel cheery and uplifted, but darker shades can make you feel more upset when you are stressed.  A tip to those who are looking to shed a few, eat your meals around the color blue.  Blue is an appetite suppressant because no natural foods are blue in nature so the brain is turned off!

Next time you go to your closet you may have a change of heart about what you wear!

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