IT Recruiting: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Most IT contractors are aware of the hardships when applying and interviewing for IT jobs. Luckily, the process is eased when working with a technical recruiter as the recruiter provides tips for your resume and interview.  During the interview, the spotlight is on the candidate.  This is your time to shine and win over the hiring managers.  What happens when you follow the advice of your IT recruiter and you are rejected?  Do you blame the IT staffing firm?

The Offender

It is a difficult experience for a recruiter to tell an applicant they did not make the final cut, especially when they are subject to the candidate’s blame and guilt. Technical recruiters root for their candidates throughout their interview process.  They are not the ultimate decision makers when it comes to hiring an applicant and cannot reconsider the decision of a hiring manager.

The Victim

A candidate feels a loss of pride when they are rejected for an IT job.  They may feel misled or a loss of hope upon first hearing the message.  Rather than taking it out on the recruiter, ask for feedback.  The IT staffing rep can provide honest opinions from the hiring managers on why the candidate may not be the best fit for the position.  Do not be afraid to ask the recruiter to be kept in mind for other positions!

The Aftermath

No one enjoys receiving or delivering bad news, especially regarding a missed opportunity.  As IT recruiters, explain why his skills were not applicable or if there simply was a better applicant while lending the disheartened candidate an ear as he vents.   Suggest other openings you may have in mind and follow up with other positions as they arise.

As a candidate, you are allowed to express your feelings, but do not burn a bridge in the process.  This failed interview could open the door to new positions and potential opportunities.  If you made mistakes, use this experience as part of the learning process.  Finally, remember that it is better to hear unfortunate news early such as being unqualified now than later down the interview process or during the position.

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