IT Recruiting Phone Etiquette

It is the end of a long work week and a technical recruiter has been glued to the phone.  After a much needed lunch break, he returns to his desk.  When his phone rings, he answers unenthused with an exaggerated yawn while snacking on chips.

Is this how IT recruiting companies typically manage their phone calls and portray the IT staffing company image?  Here are some tips for IT recruiters who may need a friendly reminder of proper phone etiquette.

Pay Attention

Phone calls with hiring managers and potential candidates may extend beyond the typical length of conversation, but have patience.  Never interrupt a speaker and remain calm while listening to what they have to say.  If the conversation becomes side tracked, direct it back to the point.

While multitasking is encouraged at IT staffing firms, do not be tempted to play with your cell phone or carry on a conversation with a coworker even if you are using the mute button.  The mute button should be used sparingly and never to speak poorly of the end speaker.  One quick slip up puts you at risk of offending the client and embarrassing yourself.


Because physical expressions are lost in pure verbal communication, focus on your tone of voice.  Answer the phone in a friendly manner while introducing your name and maintaining a sincere, positive attitude.  Never treat a call as if it were a burden, you never know who could be on the other end or listening.

When you are in a hurry, apologize in advance and try to listen to the caller’s main points.  If you must place a person on hold, ask for permission or notify the caller first.  Then, follow up in a quiet area when you have more time to speak.

Technical recruiters should avoid yawning on the phone as it can be misconstrued as the recruiter is bored with the conversation.  Try to avoid eating while on the phone as this is a distraction and irritating for the caller to hear chewing in their ear.  When you must yawn or eat, use the mute button.


If people from five cubicles away are complaining about an IT recruiter speaking too loudly, imagine how the person on the phone feels.  Speaking too softly or mumbling can be just as bad as yelling during a conversation.  Annunciate your words and speak slowly at an appropriate volume. Be sure the listener can hear you as well.  If on your cell phone, tell the caller in the event of lost service or bad connection.

It can be easy to forget proper phone etiquette, especially after a long day.  When you find yourself or others are beginning to slip up, coach your way through it!

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