IT Staffing: Unemployed…Now What?

You lost your job due to a recent layoff– and you are not alone.  Plenty of IT job seekers are unemployed IT consultants at one point or another.  They know what they should be doing, they hear it every day, and it becomes frustrating.  Rather than simply blasting resumes to technical recruiters and going on countless IT job interviews, supplement your daily routine with activities you did not have the chance to enjoy until now!

Unpaid Experience: Volunteering and Internships

Volunteering is a sacrifice of your time to help others.  While volunteering may not lead to a career opportunity, you will still be helping those who may be less fortunate than you.  Hiring managers and IT staffing firms would rather see prospective candidates make use of their free time by volunteering, rather than waiting for IT jobs to land at their feet.  This selfless act shows a passion to work and dedication without a paycheck.  Use internship and volunteering opportunities to keep your skills sharp, network with managers, and potentially be hired full time!

Discover a New Hobby

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon or learn to crotchet?  Maybe you wanted to travel across Europe or visit college friends, but never had the time.  Well, the time is now!  Depending on your budget and goals, you can turn this unfortunate event into an opportunity to achieve your dreams.  You’ll also provide an excellent topic to discuss with IT recruiters.  With the proper planning, you will not regret your choice or wonder if you should have done things differently.

Further Your Education

Make yourself more valuable to hiring managers and technical recruiting companies by enhancing your skill set.  You will be more marketable by IT recruiting companies with new experience and the latest technical skills.  If a certain area of technology interests you, test it out.  You might get to enter competitive, emerging fields.

Being unemployed is less than ideal, but having a plan can ease the transition from jobless to a new career.

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