Listening to Music at Work in Your IT Recruiting Office

Look around today and you will see a majority of your IT recruitment peers plugged in.  You might even be plugged in while reading this.  What does this say about work ethic, or does it have an influence on efficiency?  Do technical recruiters plug in to escape or to focus?

It’s common to walk into an IT staffing office and see almost every cubicle dweller anchored to an iPod or streaming music on the web.  Listening to music at work has been the heart of studies for years, but none seem to produce consistent results in terms of work behavior.

Supporters of tunes in the workplace claim music creates an escape from background noise that otherwise might be distracting.  Other IT recruiters listen to make the day go faster while they try to match candidates with IT jobs.  Those against the office music movement claim employees get distracted by lyrics in the music or that traveling noises affects others’ work.  Despite the opposing views, studies found that listening to music prior to beginning a task allows the employee to maintain focus and improve one’s mood.

Here are some tips if you choose to plug in on the clock:

  • Check with your manager before you crank your favorite tunes.  Not all IT staffing firms and offices are music friendly, this can save you the embarrassment of having your headphones revoked.
  • Be respectful to your fellow IT recruiters.  If music is allowed, it’s guaranteed not everyone shares your tastes.  Do not take offense, just pop your headphones in and keep it at a low volume.
  • IT staffing salespeople and technical recruiters are typically glued to their headsets and phones.  Maintain your volume at a low setting so important calls are not missed.

Do not use your headphones as a way to avoid people, remember to be personable at your.  People often hide behind objects in uncomfortable situations.  Building a relationship with coworkers and your technical recruiter is a way to make work more enjoyable.

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