Mirroring the Hiring Manager in the IT Staffing Industry

An IT headhunter enters an interview and prepares to do the skill he has learned in a number of classes, articles, and books…mirroring the hiring manager.  The manager enters the room running behind schedule and forgets to extend a handshake.  He immediately begins complaining about traffic, weather, and whatever is on his mind.  The manager stretches back in his chair and exerts a boisterous yawn before he gets down to business (and checks his phone).  The technical recruiter panics, he was not prepared for this.

Staying Professional and Positive

While this example may be over the top, candidates and IT recruiters should focus on making the best first impression.  Rather than fall into the trap of negativity, you can state your own opinion if you do or do not agree, but always follow up with a positive response.  If the hiring manager forgets to extend a handshake, take initiative and impress him by offering your hand first.  No matter how laid back a manager may seem, maintain professionalism, as this may be a test of your censors and limits.

Be Honest

You do not need to agree with everything the hiring manager says.  You should also never exaggerate your skills for the IT job.  Conflict and lies are the last things IT staffing firms want during an interview or business meeting.  But expressing your honest opinion can open the floor for discussion and conversation.  You will display your true personality and management may admire your confidence.

Look for Connections

Here is where it’s completely acceptable to mirror from the manager.  When you research the interviewer or employer, you have the opportunity to view their interests.  Look for any connections on sites such as LinkedIn.  Use these connections to your advantage.  Do not be afraid to mention them in your meeting, because it will show you did your homework.

Be Responsive

Post meetings, managers look for those who are most responsive.  Follow up with thank you note in a timely manner.  If you have any further questions, address them in the message.  Reiterate your interest in the position if you feel it is a true match for your skills and interests.  Thank the hiring managers or technical recruiters for their time.

You can tell if an interview is going well through non verbal communication.  Look for physical cues, such as smiles and eye contact.  If the interviewer has a bad tone or attitude, do not follow suit.  Even if an interview does not go as smooth as planned, you can save your reputation and first impression by staying positive and ending on a happy note.

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