Should Pets Be Allowed at IT Recruiting Companies?

When an IT recruiter leaves home to go to work, do they feel guilty about leaving their pet at home?  Do they think about what their buddy is doing or what trouble it is causing throughout the day?  Some technical recruiters wish they could have their furry companion by their side and, according to APPMA and St. Petersburg Times, nearly twenty percent of companies allow dogs and cats in the office as business become more lenient on animal policies. Before IT recruiting firms follow suit, here are some thoughts to consider.

The Pros

Bringing pets to work has been linked to improving workers’ moods and performance.  Employees are less likely to be absent and productivity levels increase with more satisfying working conditions.  Pets in IT recruiting offices allow bonding between co-workers who share a love for animals and bring out different personalities of a technical recruiter from the everyday office life.

The Cons

Unfortunately, not everyone is an animal lover.  Those who choose to bring their pet to work must be mindful of other IT recruiters.  Some employees might find animals in the office to be unsanitary or distracting while others might feel uncomfortable.  Managers must be weary of potential damage and accidents that could occur while pets are exposed to the office as they pose a liability.  Also, bringing a pet to work might create a domino effect and cross the line, for example an employee brings his dog , the next a cat, and the next a bird.  Most importantly, what would hiring managers or prospective candidates think if they came to an IT staffing office and there were animals running around?


When you choose to bring your dog or cat to work, always check with co-workers beforehand and let others know the office will have a guest.  Make sure your pet is completely housebroken, trained, and healthy, especially if it will be around other animals.  If you find your work is being distracted by your friend, you might want to consider leaving him at home next time.  Flipside if you are being distracted by a co-workers dog or have allergies, speak up before the problem escalates.

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