Tips to Remember When Working with an IT Recruiting Agency

Job seekers approach IT recruiting agencies like they are job banks.  Most believe that just handing in their resumes will get them an interview or even an IT job right away.  Of course these are some of the common misunderstandings of the IT recruiting industry.

When working with an IT staffing agency, remember that you still need to do your part as a job seeker.  Send your resume, establish contact with an IT recruiter and keep in touch with them as you work to build a relationship.  Update the IT recruiters on jobs you have applied to as well as any interviews you have.  Full disclosure on both sides makes for a strong recruiter/candidate relationship and an efficient IT job search process. You never know if someone in the IT recruiting firm may know someone in the company that could put in a good word or help your chances of landing that technical position.

Another thing you need to remember is that the IT recruiters Boston are not assigned to every IT job they have available.  The technical recruiters are assigned to a set of jobs and then work on those positions.  Therefore, do not expect them to be calling you for every IT job position they have available.  It’s up to you to stay current with the IT jobs they have on their website, then have your point of contact put you in touch with the proper IT recruiter assigned to the position you wish to speak to them about.

Also, IT recruiting is a reactive industry.  IT staffing salespeople typically receive job orders first, then try to find the candidates.  Another misconception is that IT recruiters are like agents.  You send them your resume and they shop it around.  Sure, there is an element of that in the IT recruiting industry.  However, keep in mind, technical recruiters typically receive the IT job requirement first, then source to find the right candidates.

So take a look at what you are doing on your part as a job seeker.  Working with IT recruiters Boston to find your next job is the right thing to do.  The more you understand how the industry works, the better your expectations will be managed, and then hopefully met.  Lastly, remember that the stronger relationships that you build with IT recruiters Providence, the better the chances of you being their first call when that perfect IT job opens up.

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