What to do With Your Aging Laptops

Technology companies such as Dell, HP and Toshiba are continuously coming out with laptops with new features and faster speeds.  As an IT recruiter, you want to utilize the latest technologies but buying a new laptop every year is just not reasonable.  So how do you keep your laptop up to date and make sure that the speed on your computer isn’t lacking in comparison to others?

The cheapest option for most people is to just reinstall your operating system.  The first step that IT recruiters Boston should take before starting this process is to back up all your important documents and pictures on an external hard drive.  Once you have completed that step, make a note of all the IT recruiting programs you have installed that you still use on a piece of paper.  In addition, if any of those have license keys, be sure to copy them down as well before reinstalling your operating system.  By doing this, you will be able to get rid of all the programs and different files they have saved onto your computer which in turn will help it run more smoothly.

If that doesn’t help or you still need it to run faster to run certain IT programs that require more power, then you can always upgrade your RAM.  When doing so, make sure to you use the same brands.  If they are not compatible, your computer will reject them.   Look at it like a heart transplant in humans.

The next option is to upgrade your computer’s hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD).  It runs a faster speed and stays cooler then the hard drives that most laptops come with.  Most hard drives run at 5400 rpm with is much slower than the SSD’s.  The prices of these drives should be coming down in 2011, so if you ever wanted to upgrade your laptop with one of them, now will be your chance.

The IT recruitment industry is very competitive.  Subsequently, having a fast laptop, with additional memory can provide an edge for technical recruiters who put in additional work from home.

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