When Business Casual Is Too Casual

If your IT staffing office looks like a pajama party, you know work is probably not being completed to its full potential 

Imagine the nightmare of walking into an interview for an IT job and no one acknowledges you.  Desk dwellers are plugged into their headsets and shift their eyes toward you only to immediately avert any interest from your direction.  Technical recruiters stroll toward you five minutes past your appointment, barefoot wearing a grease stained t-shirt and basketball shorts.  You extend a hand which he uncomfortably shakes and leads you to a corner office which could be mistaken for a closet.  You thought you were going to an IT recruiting firm…are you in the right place?

Offices are becoming increasingly casual, but what crosses the line from casual to sloppy?  Some argue that their quality of work should not be based upon their style.  When poor hygiene and style habits begin to affect others, it is time to raise the bar on what is acceptable.  Here are some guidelines so you do not ruin the luxury of a relaxed office for other IT recruiters Boston.

Your Outfit– Just Because It Zips Doesn’t Mean You Should Wear It

Tight clothes are not flattering in the work place and are often distracting.  On the other hand, loose and baggy clothes give off the slob vibe.  Wear clothes that fit properly and give you a professional demeanor.  You will feel better about yourself and chances are your quality of work will improve, too.  A client will most likely choose the neat and trim IT recruiter over his messy, unkempt counterpart… and the same goes with an IT staffing representative choosing his candidates, too!

Maintaining Good Hygiene—What’s That Smell?

No one wants to be the person in the office that people want to avoid due to poor hygiene.  Prevent the label by taking care of yourself and grooming on a daily basis.  Maintain good health and be considerate of others.  What might be considered normal and comfortable for you could put others over the edge.

The Mute Office

Some prefer to keep to themselves during their work day which is perfectly acceptable.  What is not acceptable is keeping your headphones in all day and ignoring fellow IT recruiters and guests.  Make it a point to communicate with others in your office.  Building relationships now will help when you need to collaborate on projects later.  It also does not hurt to have a few friends in the office!

The Social Office

On the flip side, candidates that talk about their personal lives or choose to meet up outside of office hours with their IT headhunter and coworkers should remember how their actions and words will affect their work.   Just because you may not be in the office does not mean others will not find out things you say or do.  Ensuring conversations with your colleagues in and out of the office are appropriate will prevent you from having to explain yourself later.  Keep in mind that some associates do not want to be concerned with others’ personal issues.

Dropping in at All Hours

Some companies are flexible with their hours, allowing employees to drop in at all hours of the morning given that they complete their shift.  Be considerate of your clients and coworkers in your IT recruiting firm by creating a fixed schedule.  Set up a weekly meeting with your IT recruiter so you have a definite time to address issues or concerns.   A routine will help you to stay organized and on top of your work.  If you unexpectedly decide to come in at a different time, or are late, notify your supervisor so there are no questions asked.  Even if it is not required, the notice will be appreciated.

No one enjoys working in a strict atmosphere with all rules and no fun.  Keep a positive attitude and be respectful.  If you are not used to working in stricter office conditions, give it time and soon it was become second nature!

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