First Impressions in the IT Staffing Industry

IT recruiters use first impressions to determine their potential candidates for open IT jobs.  Most IT staffing firms first engage in a phone screen to find applicants who can best communicate their skills and experience.  If the phone interview goes well, the next steps are a submittal and possibly an in person interview.  This interview is the candidate’s opportunity to show his potential, so use these tips to make an outstanding first impression among hiring managers and IT recruiting companies.

Prior to Meeting

Research both technical recruiting companies as well as managers conducting the interview through company sites and LinkedIn.  Take notes and think of questions to impress managers.  Set aside two neatly pressed outfits for your interview.  Always go for more dressy, preferably a suit, when you are uncertain of how casual the meeting may be.  Determine the commute length to the destination of the meeting.  Aim to arrive at least fifteen minutes early to prepare yourself and gather your thoughts.  If running late, always give a heads up and estimated time of arrival.

The Meeting

When you arrive to the meeting, review your notes and jot down any last minute questions.  Try relaxation tips such as taking a walk or listening to calming music prior to the meeting to ease nerves.  Do not think too much or you may begin to worry.  If necessary, call your IT recruiter for last minute tips.

Body language is just as important as the things you say.  Extend a handshake, but be mindful of cultures and traditions if you are in an unfamiliar setting or area.   Remain calm, focus, and think through your responses.  Maintain eye contact and a genuine smile while avoiding nervous habits. Keep the flow of the conversation relevant and positive with an upbeat tone.

After the Meeting

After the meeting, follow up with cordial thank you messages totechnical recruiters and the interviewers within twenty four hours.  Reiterate key points of the meeting and address any outstanding issues.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to mention them.

First impressions are crucial in business.  Having the required skills is half the battle, convincing the hiring manager you are the right fit for the IT job seals the deal.

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