Five Interview Rules in the IT Recruiting Industry

1.       Prepare

When candidates work with technical recruiting companies, they help guide you through the interview process and increase your chances of landing IT jobs.  If you are unfamiliar with recruiting, draft a series of questions for IT recruiters to have a better understanding.

Research the company and hiring managers conducting the interview on your own time.  Take note of the company’s industry and news such as recent mergers or acquisitions.  Think of questions to ask during the interview, even if you do not have any.  Bring copies of your resume and references to the interview just in case.

2.       Look and Be the Part

After you have completed your research, choose two outfits.  Be sure that each outfit is neatly pressed and interview appropriate.  Do not worry if you are over dressed because it is better to look professional than sloppy or too casual.  During the interview, avoid talking too much about irrelevant information, but do speak enough to cover all questions and your related experience.  Think through your responses and answer with confidence.  Stay positive despite sensitive topics and never speak ill of a former employer or poor experiences with other IT recruiting companies.

3.       Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is just as important as the conversation.  During an interview remain focused and maintain eye contact.  Avoid distractions such as a cell phone by turning it off or leaving it in your car.  Try to ignore nervous habits and fidgeting.

4.       Be Honest

When an interviewer asks you a question and you are unsure of how to respond or do not have an answer, be honest.  Think through your response or explain you do not have experience in a certain area.  It is better to be upfront than caught in a lie later which will embarrass not only yourself, but also your IT recruiter.

5.       Follow Up

One of the most important aspects of interviewing is thanking the interviewer for his time.  Follow up with a personalized thank you to each interviewer and reiterate your interest in the position.  Try to send your thank you within twenty-four hours of the interview.  Do not forget to acknowledge the IT staffing firms and technical recruiters you work with!

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