Gum—IT Staffing Industry Necessity

An IT staffing sales representative is preparing for a meeting with one of his clients.  Before he leaves the technical recruiting company, he checks his bag to ensure he has plenty of AVID Technical Resources brochures, pens, and a folder with his notes and paperwork.  There is something missing…then he remembers.  He reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out a fresh pack of gum.

Ice Breaker

Since a young age, gum has been banned in schools and professional environments, but what caused this so-called taboo?  Gum can actually be used as an advantage to break the ice when starting a meeting.  Offer other IT professionals a piece of gum and see if they are receptive to your gesture.  Another tip might be to choose a less common gum or obscure flavor to make small talk in the beginning of the meeting.  Though some might not be comfortable with this approach, it can help the client remember you and set you apart from competing IT recruiting companies.

Freshens Breath

Almost every technical recruiter has had the experience of going to speak to someone and wanting to do an immediate one-eighty.  Halitosis, or bad breath, is a common, embarrassing hygiene offender.  Take a piece of gum yourself and then offer other IT recruiters or hiring managers a piece.  This will avoid potential awkwardness while subtly hinting that their breath needs to be refreshed.

Helps Memory

Though it has not been prove why, gum helps to sharpen your memory when first chewed.  When approaching a complex matter or designing a procedure, pop a fresh piece of gum in your mouth to improve performance.  If it does not help with work, it will certainly help your breath!

Before you begin bringing gum with your to all your client meetings, check with your IT recruiting manager to be sure that it is appropriate and in compliance with your IT recruiting company.

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