IT Recruiting: Lunch Etiquette

Technical recruiting companies frequently engage in lunch meetings with their candidates to discuss business and life in general.  These gatherings can range from low key to a strict agenda depending on the client.  If IT recruiters are uncertain of how to behave during a meeting, here are some tips to stay in line during a standard corporate lunch.


Technical recruiters should look up the menu in advance so they do not waste time deciding on lunch.  Choose two different meals, one light and the other a full meal while avoiding messy and finger foods.  Plan to arrive fifteen minutes early and dress professionally.  IT headhunters may be over dressed for the restaurant or relative to their client, but it is better than standing out in a negative way.  Prepare an itinerary for the meeting and leave phones off or in the car.

At the Meeting

IT recruiting firms should greet their client with a firm handshake and wait to be seated.  Place napkins on the lap and do not put cell phones on the table even if they are on silent.  The contractor should place his order first, and then the IT staffing rep can choose his meal depending on what the contractor orders.  This way the contractor will not be waiting for the recruiter to finish his steak if the candidate only ordered a salad.  Also, try to avoid going to the meeting hungry because technical recruiting firms may become too distracted with food to discuss the importance of the meeting.  Before diving into business, make small talk to set a comfortable mood and then transition the subject after placing the order.

The Food

Anything that can stain or get stuck in the teeth of an IT recruiter should be saved for a night out with the pals.  Also, food that is messy and difficult to eat is distracting and can upset the client while alcohol is typically avoided.  When the technical recruiter is finished eating, rest the utensils on the plate with the napkin on the table.  It might be tempting to take a doggy bag with you, but fight the urge.

Be polite to all wait staff and maintain focus through the meeting.  If the recruiter extended the invite, cover the bill and be discreet in regards to tipping.  Remember to thank clients for their time!


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