Reel in the IT Recruiters—Choosing Your Resume Title

When publicly posting your resume on IT job boards such as CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Monster, you are allowing IT staffing agencies to approach you with open positions.  But how do you specify which jobs are a fit for you?  Are technical recruiters mind readers when it comes to dubbing resumes?  Here are some tips for choosing your resume title to narrow down your career options:

Include Qualifications and Details

Placing your title just as your name is taking a stab in the dark.  How will IT staffing firms know who they are dealing with? Research the title of the IT job you are seeking.  If you have experience in this area, do not be afraid to include it in the title.  This could help maintain your game as IT recruiters Boston filter candidates.  You might think it is clever to create your own IT job title, but IT recruiters could overlook your resume.  Keep it professional and the more specific you are the better an IT staffing company can assist you.

Abbreviate—Don’t waste space!

Sites such as Monster have a limit on the number of characters when choosing your resume title.  Abbreviations allow candidates to catch the eye of technical recruiters by not leaving out key criteria.  While abbreviations are helpful, do not go overboard and try to jam all your skills in your title.  Too much abbreviation can hinder your chances of being selected by an IT staffing firm as it can cause confusion, stick with the basics.

Tailor Your Title

Just as you fit your resume to IT jobs, tailor your title to the prospective position.  Monster allows its users to have more than one resume on file.  The flexibility expands your choices as some job markets are severely limited.  If you are open to more than one position, keep different resumes named and geared for each.

Remember when you post your resume on public job boards it is not all about having the technical recruiter come to you.  Be aggressive and make the first move by reaching out to IT recruiting agencies.  Your resume will now be on file, potentially build a relationship, and score some career advice!    

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