Showing Your IT Recruiter Some Gratitude

The priority for technical recruiters is to find qualified candidates for their open IT jobs.  Unfortunately, IT people in the IT recruiting industry are often perceived as pushy, money hungry individuals whose main concern is their commission cut.  Working with technical recruiters on a daily basis, one will find this misconception to be far from the truth.

Successful IT staffing firms earn their keep through communication and research.  Hours extend beyond the typical 9-5 to accommodate candidates’ availability.  IT headhunters do not pry for details to be nosey, they are conducting preliminary screenings to ensure an applicant fits the hiring client’s criteria.  From the countless hours spent sifting and tweeking resumes while also prepping for interviews, a thank you is well deserved!

The Overlooked IT Recruiter

You may have interviewed with the hiring manager, but remember who helped you along the process.  You are most likely not your technical recruiter’s only candidate.  By the end of the day, he has probably spoken to dozens of existing and prospective applicants.  Let your IT recruiter know his hard work and determination are appreciated!

Make a Lasting Impression While Showing Character

Networking happens to be one of the top ways to secure an IT job in a competitive market.   IT staffing representatives are your gateway to new career opportunities. Maintain a relationship with your IT headhunter and stand out from other candidates with follow up emails and thank you notes.  Thank you’s might seem second nature, but you would be surprise what separates strong applicants from weak applicants.  If your contract should come to an end, he may remember you for upcoming positions.

Going Beyond the Thank You

If your IT recruiter did an outstanding job, why limit your thank you to just him?  Pay it forward and let others know how privileged you were to work with him.  Yelp and Google Places are just some of the ways you can extend your thank you beyond email and phone calls.  Your review can help others land positions and bring in more business for your IT staffing representative!

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