The Deadbeat Technical Recruiter

You remember your first interaction with IT recruiting companies, an unexpected phone call offering a world of IT jobs and opportunities.  You eagerly engage in a phone conversation, followed by an in-person interview with your IT recruiter.  After much prepping, you land a role and then your recruiter disappears.

Stay Connected

Technical recruiters are supposed to be available for their candidates.  The relationship does not stop after the client accepts a position.  Be sure to maintain contact through the duration of the contract, and if appropriate, help the contractor take on additional roles after positions end.

The candidates of IT recruiters are a reflection of their work.  If the candidates are unhappy or have concerns about their roles, it is the recruiter’s responsibility to promptly address these issues in a professional manner.  Leaving loose ends with contractors is a poor reflection on not only recruiters, but also IT staffing firms.

Procrastination is Contagious

It might be tempting put off assignments and bask in the glory of “free time”, but this free time is typically borrowed time at technical recruiting companies.  When a recruiter procrastinates, there is generally someone waiting on the other end.  Holding up others drastically reduces efficiency levels and increases stress levels.

A recruiter’s lax work ethic can be contagious and affect other’s output.  Others within the IT recruiting firm will observe how the recruiter may get by with doing less work or have tasks done for him and follow suit.   Some may do the opposite and dismiss all projects related to the lazy IT headhunter, eliminating potential networking.

Self-Motivated Success

The key to technical recruiting is self-driven success.  If a recruiter feels he is not being challenged, he may resort to laziness.  Rather, he should be productive by setting goals, making changes to his routine, and rewarding himself for his accomplishments.  When the lazy recruiter begins to work with other lazy co-workers, he may become frustrated and reconsider his actions and priorities!

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